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Summer Internship - June 2008

Sabien, Sr. is 52, Tomika is 52, Rashid is 18, and AV guest, S'Ahmisa Warwick, is 18.

Summer Internship - Part 2 - July 2008
Summer Internship - Part 3 - August 2008

*a not-so-mini-mini update, I hope you enjoy.*

It was the 2nd week of June, and quite a cool, crisp day for summer felt more like spring time outside.  Sabien watched as the beautiful girl descended the stairs in full Kimikurian dress.  He was thrilled to be hosting his first summer internship with such a gifted student. 

As S'Ahmisa stepped off the airplane, she remained very enthusiastic about her 3-month stay in Simmington Hills.  Although the realization of being away from her family swiftly came over her just as the cool breeze blew onto her face.  This was not another family trip.  She was visiting another SUN hood all by herself.

I can't believe I'm meeting Mayor Sabien Cunningham!  S'Ahmisa thought as her heart raced wildly.  Her knees were a little shaky with nerves, and she concentrated intensely on her Geta sandals, trying not to stumble down the stairs in front of the man she's wanting to impress.

"Mayor Cunningham, I'd like to give you this gift from Kimikura on behalf of my parents, Sazo and Sandy Warwick, we think you'll like it alot."  S'Ahmisa nervously handed Sabien the heavy gift.

"Well, thank you, S'Ahmisa!  I'm sure me and my wife will enjoy it very much.  Thank your parents for me.  I can't wait to see what it is!"  Sabien smiled.

"Aren't you going to open it?"  S'Ahmisa smiled anxiously.

"Sure, I can open it now..."  Sabien fumbled with the paper and the pretty red ribbon.

   "It's a gold-plated Kimikurian Tea Set.  The kind they use in the old temples."  S'Ahmisa smiled.  "There's dry tea bags in there also, to revitalize your senses and make you feel refreshed and energetic."

"Oh wow! How beautiful!"  Sabien exclaimed.  He had a luggage handler place the gift in the car, and turned back to S'Ahmisa.

"I hate to rush you, but we're gonna have to hurry and get changed.  We've got a speaking engagement over in Bluewater Village."  Sabien stated.

"That's no problem, I can change quickly.  I've brought a dress, is that too formal?" 

"No, a dress will be fine.  I'm wearing a suit.  Hey, have you ever been to a military base?  We've just opened the one in Bluewater, and I'm excited to see it."  Sabien asked her.

S'Amisa's thoughts flashed back home, and she thought of her boyfriend, Verde Herendez, and his efforts to pass the physical test at Fort Apple's ROTC camp.  Before she left, Verde had shared his intentions to marry S'Ahmisa with her parents.  She was in no way ready to take such a big step.  She was even questioning whether it was best to stay with Verde, since their lives were taking different directions.

Sabien and S'Ahmisa continued their light chit-chat in the towncar all the way home.  (The highlights of the Bluewater speaking engagement have been reported in the Simmington-Times Announcements section.)

Much later, just north of Cunningham Airport on Cedar Street, Tyisha Masters was opening the newspaper to read the events of the day...

"What the heck is this?!?!"  As she sees the picture of this gorgeous girl from out of town, who's living at the same mansion as her boyfriend, Rashid...and he never even told her about it...

Later that evening, back at The Magnolia, Tomika helped S'Ahmisa get settled in.

"We are SO thrilled to have you with us, S'Ahmisa!  Make yourself at home, okay?  Now...this is Marchon's room, he's away at the University of Riverdale right now, so he won't mind you sleeping in his bed.  I put new sheets on there...he was missin' his soccer sheets, so I had to send them to him.  The boy loves soccer.  Tomika laughs.  But, can you imagine a grown man, still wanting to sleep on the same sheets he did as a young child?  It just lets me know he misses home, really bad."

S'Ahmisa couldn't help but think of Rashid, while Tomika talked.  She wasn't expecting him to be so handsome in person.  Even though it seemed she had more in common with Marchon, Rashid seemed like such a free spirit, the same freedom she was feeling since she'd arrived - just plain old, free.  Away from home and in a new place.
S'Ahmisa chuckled with her.  She had heard the highlights of the conversation in the midst of her own indulgent and leaving home for school.  "Oh I love soccer, too!  I totally understand where he's coming from.  However, I'm staying close to home when I go to school.  I plan to attend Pierce University this fall and I hope it will fulfill all my expectations.  You know I met another family from Apple Valley today, the Peterson's, they've even been stationed in Kimikura before!" 

Without waiting for Tomika's response, S'Ahmisa changed her tone. 

"Can I share something with you, Mrs. Cunningham?  S'Ahmisa realized she was talking a lot.  A mix of excitement and a sense of independence had masked her usual shyness, not to mention the fact that Mrs. Cunningham made her feel quite at home.

"Sure, dear, what is it?"

"I have to admit, I'm pleasantly surprised to see how laid back you all are as a family. I really didn't know what to expect when I got here." 

"You probably think we're a bunch of nuts, right?"  S'Ahmisa laughed again with Tomika. 
Since she'd returned to the mansion from Bluewater, the place was filled with heavy running footsteps as the boys chased each other.  3 year old Scot ran after his brothers trying to keep up with them; plenty of jokes filled the air, loud bursts of laughter and screams as Sabien, Sr. wrestled Rashid to the ground; banging drum beats and bass licks were booming from the stereo, thanks to SayJ creating music on his synthesizer, non-stop.  Rapping to his heart's content, and leaving it pumping at full blast to go mess with Rashid and his Daddy.

S'Ahmisa was totally not used to a house with a bunch of boys in it.

"Oh, you'll find out we're a crazy group.  It's chaotic around here ALL the time.  I feel like a drill sergeant on most days, trying to keep these boys in line."  Tomika smiled.

"So how you doin?"  Rashid licked his lips, slowly like LL Sim J,  as he looked over at this pretty girl.  She looked so much more casual and comfortable than when he'd seen her earlier in her Asian outfit.  They were upstairs alone in the attic, which had been transformed by his Dad into the TV room.

He was trying hard to mask the jitters he was feeling, but he really wanted to impress her.  This girl was much more intelligent than he was...what the hell could he talk about with her? 

"I heard you guys had a bad hailstorm a week or so's everything now?"  S'Ahmisa said to break the ice.
They chatted on and on, and the conversation felt easy.  Rashid was worried for nothing.  This girl enjoyed his space talk and his gaming conversation...most of all, she laughed at every single one of his jokes.

When she left to go use the bathroom, Rashid didn't know whether it was more gentlemanly to stay put, stand up, or escort her downstairs himself.

He decided to do the latter.  He was waiting outside the bathroom door, when S'Ahmisa finally came out.

She was surprised to see him - right there - by the door.  And what happened next was out of character for her, but the wholetime she was in the bathroom, she was telling herself to just go for it...just do it, like S'Nike says, Just DO IT.
"Whaa's up, you cool?"  Rashid blurted out, surprised by his own reaction.  He had leaned back on impulse, instead of leaning in...towards her!

Not knowing what else to say, Rashid walked off into his room and shut the door.  Feeling like the biggest idiot in SimNation.  He beat his hands up against his head as his back slid down the door until he was sitting on the floor.  Was he thinking of Tyisha?  Or did he imagine that this girl had just tried to kiss him?  Woah...where did that come from?!  He asked himself.  Half-believing that someone of her quality would like him - like that...!

S'Ahmisa went into the kitchen; the Butler was gone for the night, so she fixed herself a quick pizza pocket.  The house was quiet.  She didn't know where Sabien and Tomika were, and obviously Scot and SayJ had gone to bed.  It was midnight.  She knew better than to be eating at this time of night, but for the first time, she felt alone.  She missed her family. 

She wondered what her sister, Si'Enya, was doing.  Any thoughts to block out what had just happened...S'Ahmisa was trying to forget.  Omg.  What would Verde think?

She couldn't contain her tears and was so glad no one else could see her cry.  She thought Rashid was feeling her the same way.  It was too soon.  She knew that.  But for the first time, she was going with what her body said, instead of what her head said.

After a shower and change into her PJs, S'Ahmisa left the bathroom to make her way into Marchon's old bedroom.  Rashid was once again, standing outside the bathroom door.

"Listen, I just want to apologize for earlier...I was really taken by surprise.  I hope you don't think that I..."
"You don't have to explain, Rashid.  I was totally out of line.  I apologize to you.  It won't happen ag..."

"I hope you'll give me a chance again."  Rashid interrupted.  "I'm really glad you're here."  He said, shyly.

S'Ahmisa lets out a huge sigh of relief, and is quite bewildered by her own reaction.

"You don't know how relieved I am to hear you say that.  I'm glad I didn't give you a bad impression...really...I'm here to work with your Dad, not start a love affair."  She laughed timidly.

Rashid let it go.  He was hoping they could try that kiss again...but S'Ahmisa said goodnight and turned away.

It had been a long day, and she thought about Rashid as she went to bed.  Why was she acting like this?  Why was her heart moving farther and farther away from Verde and this quickly?  Who is this girl staring at me from this picture?  She held back the impulse to turn the picture frame down.  Feeling the full weight of embarassment, she put her feet under the cool covers.  It was going to be a long summer.  That much she knew. 

It was the weekend, her 1st official day in City Hall wouldn't begin until next Monday.  S'Ahmisa had the whole day to tour the town and meet some other Sims.  She asked Tomika if she could hang out with her, but Tomika had to go to work.  Sabien, even though he was off today, was still busy handling phone calls; sending correspondence from his home office.  He sent Anthony Bachelor a condolence card for his recent loss.

Sabien suggested she ask Rashid to show her around Simmington Hills. "Take advantage of his car while you have the chance...he's gonna be leaving home and his precious car soon, so I'm sure he won't mind driving you around in it."  Sabien chuckled. 

It was something S'Ahmisa didn't really feel comfortable doing, but she had no choice, unless she was willing to mope around the house all day.

"Hey there, I was just wondering if you could take me into town and show me around?"  S'Ahmisa asked Rashid nervously.
She looked radiant, Rashid thought.  Her hair looked wild, though...all black, thick and frizzie-curly, and he wondered if she had combed it yet, but that was no big deal...he wanted another chance with her.

"Yeah, sure!  I don't mind.  Where do you wanna go?"  He asked.

"I'd like to check out the library.  I'm trying to do some comparitive research on import limitations in different hoods."  Rashid made a geek-face and busted out laughing.   SayJ fell out in the floor yelling, "She's a nerd, oh wow!  She's a big fat poopie-head Nerd!"  S'Ahmisa, laughing, grabbed at SayJ's oily doo-rag from where he had slicked his hair straight, in an attempt to pull it off.  They wrestled on the floor for a minute as Rashid turned the bed over looking for his car keys.  "Take that back, young Ninja...take it back!"  S'Ahmisa playfully held SayJ in a vice grip and pulled his doo-rag off.  "Uggh, this thing smells, SayJ!"  They laughed harder.

"My chariot awaits."  Rashid boasted gallantly.  He was wondering how in the hell he was going to avoid going to the library.
S'Ahmisa wished she had brought her sunglasses...Rashid's car was giving her a migraine.

"I've got a stop to make, if you don't mind.  I want to show you around."  Rashid smiled as she shut her door, hoping she couldn't detect how uncomfortable he was.

They ended up going to SimCity, the downtown area of Simmington Hills.  The time flew by as these two got to know each other.  Any embarassment from last night had disappeared.

As the day moved into early afternoon, S'Ahmisa brought the library back up.  Rashid looked at his watch and thought, surely it's ok to go there now.

S'Ahmisa loved to watch him walk.  He's got this kooky way he cocks his head as he's walking, kinda like Simarack Obama.

She's not even thinking about Verde today.  It's all about thought after another.

"Oh shoot..." Rashid mumbled.  He was expecting to see Uncle Cam, but not Tyisha...not at this time of day.

At first Tyisha was happy to see Rashid, but then she saw S'Ahmisa come through the doors behind him.

He hugged Uncle Cam as Tyisha turned her back towards him.
"Hey, Ty."  Rashid said quietly.

"This is S'Ahmisa Warwick from Apple Valley.  She's interning with my Dad this summer."  He went on to explain.
"Hi. Yeah.  I saw your picture in the paper.  I'm Rashid's girlfriend."  Tyisha said with a clear attitude.
To break the tension, Rashid grabs S'Ahmisa in a playful headlock...hoping Tyisha would get the message that they're just friends and to knock it off.

But, all it did was remind Tyisha about that incident at the skating rink last he and Marchon was playing around and she wanted Rashid's total attention on her...but he just ignored her instead.

"So when are you leaving?"  Tyisha asked in a fake pleasant voice.

"Dang, girl!  She just got here! Quit acting so childish."  Rashid argued.  Embarrassed for the 1st time that he's got such a little girl for a girlfriend.

"That's ok, Rashid.  Everyone's been so nice, it's been great getting to know the Cunningham's, I understand why you love them.  They're a fun family to hang out with."  S'Ahmisa said to Tyisha, trying to be as diplomatic as she could.

"Well aren't you just filled with hot air, and funky smelling daisies?!..."  Tyisha snorted.  Shocking the mess out of S'Ahmisa AND Rashid.

Then she turned to Rashid and told him to go shove it!  She's tired of his mess!  She don't understand why he didn't tell her about this girl coming to live with him over the summer, and why he got to bring her here to her Daddy's workplace!!  Well, in so many words...she said all that.  It was much worse.  For a little girl, she's got quite a temper on her.
S'Ahmisa walked off to do some research as Tyisha broke up with Rashid.

"It's probably better this way, Ty..." 
"Don't call me that."  Tyisha snapped.

"--But, you've got a point!  Maybe it's best we break up.  I'm leaving for college soon and you're just too young for me right now.  I really like you, but you got some years to grow before I could ever give this another chance.  We can't even see each other right now! Your Dad wants me to be within his eyesight all the time!  And I'm a grown man now...."  Rashid just let the comment float out there in the air.

"Just get outta my face, Rashid!"  The last thing she wanted to hear was how much of a 'little girl' she was!  And she was totally not expecting him to agree with her!  She wanted him to be crushed and hurt like she was, the last time they broke up.

For Rashid, it was as if nothing happened.  He caught up with S'Ahmisa on the back balcony upstairs, grilling up some plump and juicy hotdogs.

"All that arguing makes you hungry, doesn't it?!"  She laughed. 

"Hecky yeah!"  Rashid grinned.  This girl is so easygoing, it's unreal.  She asked no questions, she was just - zen.

They ate and watched a movie.

"I was just wondering, how you feel about me now?"  Rashid asked in that sexy/shy way he has.  "You still mad at me?"  He chuckled.

"I was never mad at you, silly.  I think you're adorable."  S'Ahmisa smiled.
The end.

This is the only non-work related update I'll do while S'Ahmisa is in town. The other updates will be work-related internship postings...and they will come in July and August.

In real time, I'm not sure when my next update will be.  I have surgery coming up in a few days...lots of recovery time will be needed.  It depends on how I'll be feeling.  Ya'll keep me in your prayers.

Aww, these two!  They drove me crazy with their shyness, the both of them.  But it was fun.  When Rashid rejected S'Ahmisa's first kiss, she turned around, not much later, to go make Sabien, Sr. - yes.  THE MAYOR, her first kiss!  Good thing I was paying attention.  That darn ACR, I tell ya...LOL!  She almost got by me.  Can you imagine THAT crazy storyline?!!  Whew boy!

But these two really like each other.  They're crushing on each other now...with 2 bolts...yep.  Too bad Rashid is leaving.  I'm gonna hate I can't explore their relationship more.  But, we never know what might happen in the future, right, AV?  LOL!

Random Pic: 

Aren't they just a mess?!  

During the time I played this update, I was like..."Tyisha Whoo??!"  And ya'll know how much I wanted Tyisha and Rashid that says alot.  But, I finally came to grips with the fact that Tyisha is much too young for Rashid, right now.  It was time to let that go, and S'Ahmisa is so gorgeous in-game, it was totally NOT hard to allow Rashid to take a new direction.  I know S'Ahmisa is not trying to get into a serious relationship with ANYONE at this point, but she seems to be feeling her freedom right now, and allowing herself to go with the flow.

Scot spam:  Oh, I love him!  Like Rashid, he's gonna have a birthday soon this month.  So, I had to get one last toddler pic of him.


  1. I really enjoyed this update. I'm glad that S'Amisha and Rashid might have something for the future. It will be too cute, Marchon is with Mary, and Rashid with S'Amisha.

    Oh, but doesn't S'Amisha coming to Riveradle for camp count as her being alone from her family for the first time? :P

    You take your time with those updates. But we've talked about this already. ;) I want you to rest and heal before posting again. I'll try to call you tomorrow!

  2. I enjoyed this update as well. I honestly didn't expect it at all.

    Ditto, Riverdale, take your time with the updates-no rush.

    I couldn't believe that Rashid rejected her, I was like get the heck out! Rashid, mr love jones, rejects a kiss. Whoa. And Ty, well, go head missy. Dump that man, and her blow up-wow, classic Ty.

    You're right, who knows what the future holds :P

  3. Scot is too adorable!

    "I put new sheets on there...he was missin' his soccer sheets, so I had to send them to him."

    LOL! I bet Marchon would be just THRILLED to know his mother was telling everyone about that!

    Teenage boys seem to love that neon green car paint! My Nick painted his car that colour when he was a teen.

    But my God, when did Rashid get to be 18?!? They grow up so fast!

    It will be very interested to watch this twisted inter-hood love story evolve!

  4. Riverdale, I totally forgot S'Ahmisa has been there before not only for camp, but to UoR to visit. Sorry 'bout that. I changed that line.

    AV, I'm glad I left SOME surprises in there for you. I can't hold water sometimes. LOL! I wasn't expecting them to get along so well, but they were like shadows to each other. Wherever one was, the other was soon to follow. I've got two more events coming up where they can interact before Rashid leaves...we're gonna have to wait and see if anything more happens between them. I'm gonna try not to 'make' anything happen. :P

    Carla, you know Tomika is telling EVERYBODY about that. LOL! That just made her YEAR when he emailed her to send his sheets! (thanks, RD) LOL!

    Rashid is actually getting ready to turn 19, my baby's growing up! It doesn't seem like it's been fast to me at all, though. Some readers may remember that he was born on Dec. 30, 2006, human realtime. ROFL! 3 yrs ago and some change...With someone like you, Carla, and your game play time, he should have great, great, great, great grandchildren by now! LOL!

    I'm looking forward to seeing what happens, too. S'Ahmisa has a lot of ambition. Rashid...not so much. :P

  5. I was shocked that Rashid autonomously rejected the kiss; I thought that was all you. And Tyisha needs to get some home-training; she straight embarrassed her man. No wonder why it was easy to walk away. But dang Rashid, could you wait a little bit before slobbing down your next girl? lol.

    I can see it now, if S'Ahmisa got her way. Marisa running her mouth: "Mayor has affair with hot young intern" with the follow up by Cameron. "City devastated by double-homicide by Simmington Hills First Lady". lol!

    p.s. I'll keep you in my prayers.

  6. Hey LaToya, nah girl...that rejection was all Rashid. I was telling AV that Rashid is a mack daddy in the mirror. LOL! He's so shy. His first time booty-call was successful because he KNEW Erline wasn't going to say no. But, it was not because of his own playa/playin' ways. He spends his time saying, "How you doin" in the mirror and licking his lips, so the ladies will love him..LOL! He might get a little more courageous in college, but I doubt it. He might surprise me, though.

    Tyisha needs Cameron to get in that butt! LOL~ But, Cam has a temper too (not in a bad kind of way, just a SERIOUS kind of way.) He doesn't play when it comes to his family, his work, etc.; things that are precious to him.

    I think Tyisha will be like that too, one day...she's just got to mature some more.

    Girl, you crack me up with those headlines! ROFL! You know Tomika would've turned that town OVER with fury. LOL! She'd be serving life in jail for murder, for realz! LOL!

    Thanks for your prayers, I appreciate 'em all.

  7. Oh man, Scot is really, really cute!

    I was a little surprised at how fast Rashid rebounded there!

    Very interested in how all these new emotions come to play out, and where everyone ends up landing.

    I hope your surgery goes well, I was thinking about you the other day and wondered if you'd had it yet. Get plenty of rest, watch some past seasons of the Office to pass the time. :)

  8. "Rashid is actually getting ready to turn 19, my baby's growing up! It doesn't seem like it's been fast to me at all, though. Some readers may remember that he was born on Dec. 30, 2006, human realtime. ROFL! 3 yrs ago and some change...With someone like you, Carla, and your game play time, he should have great, great, great, great grandchildren by now! LOL!"

    I know, it still just feels really fast for me, for some reason!

    I don't think any of my Sims are up to GGGG-grandchildren but I do have some GGG-grandchildren! That's a little misleading though, because I started out with an elder couple who already had children and grandchildren and the GGG-grandchildren are from that family line.

  9. I will definitely keep you in my prayers! Wow, Rashid is a very interesting character! Can't believe he rejected her for a kiss......geez boys are so goofy, and it doesn't get much better when they become men lol

  10. -Maisie, you've got me pegged. I told my hubby last night to get it ready...I want to watch the other seasons The Office while I recuperate, that will be fantastic! (I think I left off at Season 3.)

    Rashid and Tyisha haven't been able to go out on any dates because of her Dad, is out the window. That whole Erline Valdes issue messed all of that up. So, he can only see Ty at her house, or she can come to his. But, it hasn't felt like a REAL relationship for Rashid. He's 18...this boy wants to drive his girl around in his car! LOL! And Ty can't do that. Because of all this, I'm not surprised he rebounded so fast with S'Ahmisa. She's 18, too, afterall...and she's got freedom to do what she wants, within a certain extent. Her parents don't have a reason to not trust her. Plus, she's beautiful! It's a win-win for Rashid! LOL! I can't wait to see how everything will end up, too. I keep thinking ahead to the future, but it's hard to know..twists and turns happen all the time.

    -Carla, that was a little joke...I was ribbing you about how fast you play. LOL! I remember that elderly couple you started with.

    Truth be told, though...I had to tweak my kids' ages because I was so off. Don't know how it happened. I think I messed up when I started the hood over.

    Rashid should be older than what he is now, actually. But, I think I've got a good balance on his age in comparison with Marchon's/SayJ's and their parents' age, VS. when the hood first started. He was born about 4 days after Sabien/Tomika moved to SH from college. They just celebrated 25 years in the hood last he should be about 21/22 right now.

    But, I'll take 19. hahaha.

    -Mizzgin, boys are definitely goofy. And you're right, it never changes as they grow up to be men. LOL! That goofiness is going to show up somewhere down the line. LOL!

    Rashid doesn't even know why he rejected her, it was a reflex action...he regretted it the minute it happened. But he was so astounded that she was even interested in him like that! Not a girl of her quality! She's top stuff in AV, you know...but, Rashid doesn't know his own value yet. Even though he's the Mayor's son. He's not got that confidence yet. Thanks for your prayers, it means a lot to me.