Friday, October 2, 2009

Mayor's Ball - December 2007

(Narrated by Viv Everett, Head Journalist of the Simmington-Times)

The invitation was mailed out months ahead of time requesting all SUN and non-SUN neighborhood Mayors and Spokes Sims to join us in this celebration...(Click to play and turn speakers on for music).

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And now the time was here!
Marisa Bendett and Cameron Masters have been planning this illustrious event for several months.  It was being held to honor the man that started it all...the man that recently became the official Mayor of this town, Sabien Cunningham, Sr.

The special guests arrived in their black limousines to the beautiful Greystone Art Museum where huge white spotlights swayed brightly in the night sky to mark their arrival.  It was cold outside so they were quickly ushered around the side of the building where a red carpet tent was set up with heaters, lights, and cameras.  The Hills' only two paparazzi photographers were waiting there to take their pictures.  Elmer Valdes and me, Vivienne Everett.

Dressed to the nines from head to toe, the guests were a little nervous at first, but Elmer Valdes made them feel at ease to pose for the flashing cameras.

Special Guests:

Mayor Antwan and Taffi Snowden of Riverdale.

Mayor Gregory and Annabelle Randolph of Harper's Cove.

Hood Council President Fiona and Jesse Kent of Apple Valley.

Minena Silver of Silver Design Studios, and winner of The Magnolia Mansion Makeover contest.  Minena is escorted by renowned Architect, Lars Larsson of Larsson Living.

Guest of Honor:

Mayor Sabien, Sr. and Tomika Cunningham.


Meet and Greet Photos:

All the guests filed into the beautiful Grand Ballroom and formed a line to greet the Mayor and 1st Lady.

Mayor Cunningham requested that Fiona Kent come up to the mic and sing that beautiful song she graced us with during our time at Kent Camp.  "Everything Will Be Alright".  The song has such sentimental value to Sabien and all the sitizens of Simmington Hills.  He couldn't let the moment pass without hearing it again. 

Stacy Masters greets Jacques Wise.

Sergio Spencer looking dapper in his cowboy tux.

My boss, Cameron Masters, posing for the camera.

Taffi Snowden greets Edward Valdes in the background, as Sergio and Kimberly Spencer whisper sweet nothings.

Marisa Bendett makes her grand entrance as Taffi Snowden and Kimberly look on in awe.  Marisa is escorted this evening by the handsome Maxsim VanHouten.

These two are really hitting it off.

This is her first date since the recent break-up with Seth Guthrie.  She asked me to make sure I get a close-up.

Minena Silver greets Nick Michels.

Mayor Gregory Randolph and his wife, Annabelle, share a special moment as Dr. Trinity Dalton, Lars Larsson, and award-winning interior designer, Keith Dalton, stand nearby.

Sabien is overwhelmed by emotion as he looks around the room at all his friends gathered to honor him tonight.

Emerita Valdes and Tomika Cunningham wait to greet Fiona Kent as she finishes her song.

Sabien grabs his friend Antwan Snowden's hand. Glad to finally meet him in person after all these simyears. 

Maxine Wise stands nearby.

Tomika Cunningham greets friend, Taffi Snowden, and is pleased to meet her son, Marchon's, "future mother-in-law" in person as they've talked on the phone plenty of times.  Tomika was anxious to know how Marchon is doing in Riverdale at UoR.

Emerita Valdes is glowing in her beautiful gown.

Honey Michels and Kimberly Spencer talk about Honey straightening her hair for the event.  Honey tends to prefer a natural look...I startle them as I eavesdrop behind them. Kimberly turns around and gives me a smirk as if to say, "Mind your own business, please."  Excuuse me neighbor.  *smiles*  It's all good.

As glowingly beautiful as her smile was a moment before, I snapped Emerita Valdes again moments later...probably worrying about her pregnant teenaged daughter, Erline Valdes, and who her baby daddy is.

Tomika and Cameron take a moment to chat and shed all remaining animosity they've been holding onto. Mayor Snowden gave them both some encouraging words, as well.

It must've helped because the two of them are back to being great friends again.

As guests mingled, Julien Cooke, Manager of Simmington Hills' Credit Union & Simology Office, served up the banquet dinner.

Jacques Wise nervously takes a seat (in the background); anxious to start playing.

The Program:

The Jazzmasters take the stage as everyone heads to the buffet table.

The beautiful song, "Night & Day" (For the best effect, play song in another window.) fills the ballroom and all the guests are feeling festive and enjoying the delicious turkey and dressing.

All except Marisa who took this time to complain about her date having to play instead of eating dinner with the rest of them. Even though she was the one who put the program together. (At that time, they didn't know each other.)  Now she wants him with her.

Nick and Sergio have long mended their rift and enjoy each other's conversation.

Jesse Kent, Taffi Snowden, Lars and Kimberly enjoyed their dinner together.

Cameron Masters takes the platform to give Sabien a gift on behalf of all the Founders for his leadership.

An heirloom timepiece, engraved with "To the 1st Mayor of Simmington Hills for your dedication in service and leadership, and most of all your unwavering friendship."

Mayor Cunningham took the mic to thank everyone for coming out; for traveling the distances they did to join in this tremendous celebration.

Then he asked everyone to please join him and Tomika on the dance floor.

The Ballroom Dance:

And they danced all the way up into the early morning hours...

Great times and great memories!
That seemed longer while I was writing it, than it actually turned out to be. :P  I took about a hundred pictures.  This was the 2nd ball.  The 1st ball crashed on me about 3 hours into it.  I know.   Grrrr!  But, my pics were garbage the first time around.  Luckily, I had saved the lot right at the beginning, just after I'd teleported everyone in and changed their clothes.   This time around I knew what I needed to do to have a smoother event.  And this time, I didn't forget Sergio and Kimberly Spencer!  Yep, I had forgotten to tp them into the first ball.  Sergio's a founder, so you know he would've been pissed to have missed it.  LOL! 
I had Julien Cooke buy the lot and was able to move stuff around as I needed to.  Most of the clothes are from All About Style!  Thanks to my girls for sending me their Sims with links to their luggage.  They picked the clothes and hair, and I outfitted them.  *smiles* 'Cept for HC's sims...Mandie, I hope you like what I picked for the Randolphs.

Did ya'll see Marisa chatting it up with Maxine at the table, during the dance?  They actually chatted all night since Maxsim and Jacques were playing...hmmm.  Reminds me of keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.  Hahaha!


  1. Wow, what a snazzy affair. Looks like all the sims had a great time and for the most part PDA was kept to a miniumum, I'm surprised Tomika and Sabien didn't disappear to a corner considering they always do that when they visit AV.

  2. very very nice. everyone looked as if they had a wondrful time. taffi and tomika finally meet in person. yay!!!!

  3. AV, they did! I just didn't use that picture! Hahaha! I wanted things to be elegant and sophisticated and all my simmies behaved nicely this drama. LOL!

    RD, thanks! It's great that they've finally met. Even better is that I have them available for future visits, when the babies come, right? LOL!

  4. What a very classy ball! I must say that the first lady of Simmington Hills looked suitably elegant - definitely worth of the title. ;)

    Loved seeing all the Sims from other hoods at the party too - what fun!

    Question: what do you do with others' Sims when you're not using them in your hood?

  5. Thanks Carla! They usually stay in the Family Bin. I've never had any problems with them showing up on lots. I just move them into the hood when I need them and once they age or die in their hometowns, I'll age them or bite the bullet and kill them off in my hood. It's so hard for me to kill a Sim, though..I'll just have to do what I got to do when that time comes.

  6. What a beautiful ball! The pictures were gorgeous. And I love that building, inside and out. It felt very classy and sophisticated, you did a wonderful job! Thanks for letting my simmies be a part of it. They're old friends of Sabien and it meant alot for them to be there. I loved the makeover you gave Annabelle, she looked great!

  7. Thanks Mandie! I'm glad you liked Annabelle's look for the evening. The Randolphs are certainly a handsome couple!

  8. Lovely event. I am jealous. The time and effort you must have put into that would have given me a head ache and I would have not bothered.

    Great job.

  9. Thank you, Monique! Great to see you back! Girrrl, now you see why it's been almost two weeks since my last update! LOL! This ball took a lot of planning, but it was a WHOLE lot of fun!