Monday, October 12, 2009

LLarsson - January 2008

Lars Larsson is 33.

Two things can be said about Lars.  He is majorly serious and majorly grouchy.  He picks an argument with every Sim he meets; stranger or not.  The Hood Administration loves him, but they all agree he can be difficult to work with.  Who can blame him?  He's a perfectionist.  And building the best houses takes a Sim that won't accept shortcuts.  The only Sim that's been able to get close to him, besides Starla Tsang, is Minena Silver.  He hadn't spoken to Starla, the bartender at the old Game Time Sports Bar, since before the hurricane.  He figured she had moved away...or worse.  Maybe she'd been killed.  Their relationship never really progressed beyond friendship, but was time for him to move on.

Fate brought Minena Silver into Lars' life when she won the contract to makeover the Mayor's mansion. She and Lars worked closely together during those summer months to build and design The Magnolia into what it is today, (See the STCunningham "How We Livin' " tour).  They made a good team and she dealt with his moody demands like no one else ever has.  Still, it surprised him when she called one December morning to tell him she was coming in town for the Mayor's Ball and wondered if he'd be her escort.  He was already planning to attend, but alone.  So, this was going to be an interesting night for him.  And it was...Lars thought she was the most beautiful woman there.  They immediately took things to a different level.

Since completing the residential development of Willow County, Lars has found himself with nothing on his plate but his Architect career.  It's left some free time to pursue other things, like a long-distance relationship.  His career is about to take a whole new direction.  He's still going to pursue the Architect career, that's his first love, but he was approached by Emerita Valdes at the ball, to consider teaching Robotery Skills at WilTech College, part time.  With his background in Architectural design and a Bachelors degree in Mathematics, learning this particular kind of technical skill really fit his mindset.

When the New Year came in, Lars was ready to face 2008 with total optimism.  New love, new career challenge...maybe he wouldn't be so lonely anymore.  All work and no play, makes Lars a really dull boy.  He decided to have his Hood Administration friends over for a Sports Party.  The Chicago Bears were playing The New England Patriots.  :P  Minena wasn't so happy to see 'company' at his apartment because she had flown into town for New Year's Day, just to see him.  She thought she had made that clear, but how could she forget what a sports nut Lars was, of course he wasn't gonna miss the Rose Bowl for her.  She went with the flow...for a little while.

Mayor Sabien, Sr., Nick Michels and Keith Dalton arrived early. Keith asked Lars if it was ok to invite Steve VanHouten, who came a little late and was still getting to know Sims in the hood.  This was a great opportunity to bond with the fellas. 

Everyone was having a great time rooting for their favorite team. Minena had made some appetizers, but the only thing she really wanted to snack on was Lars.  And if anything could clear the apartment, it was the kiss she laid on him in front of everybody.  In her mind...Ok. they've watched the game, they've eaten, now it's time to go.  The clock is ticking.

As if on cue, the boys took this as a hint to get they left.  They needed to get back to their families anyways.  It was a Roof Raiser party, surprisingly.

As previously implied, Minena was only in town for the day. Her plane was leaving out the next morning on Sunday so she could get back home for another design project. She planned to make the day memorable.  And she succeeded.

After the wild sex, Part 3, they both napped for a couple of hours.  Passed out - describes it better.  Later that night they planned a date out with dinner and a movie.  So they headed over to the Cedar Street Bar & Grill.

Lars couldn't resist grabbing Minena's butt; he was drawn to its cuteness in that tight sweater dress.

The hostess seated them quickly and Lars couldn't take his eyes off his radiant date and the way the candle light glimmered in her blue eyes and beautiful blond hair.

"Lars, you're staring."  Minena said without looking up, slightly grinning.

"I can't help it. Does it bother you?"  Lars asked.

Minena slipped her shoe off and stroked his ankle with her toes. 

"So, what's this news you couldn't wait to tell me?" Lars said with anticipation and in an effort to change the tone of things before their sexual chemistry raised the heat level in that place.  He was too hungry to forego this dinner.

"Well, you know how I was asking you about your career in Architectural design?  I think I want to make a change into that field."  Minena said excitedly.  "I know I have Silver Design Studios, but I'm really thinking of selling it and moving here.  It sounds crazy, but I truly think I can make a successful life here in Simmington Hills.  The Career Board at City Hall has one opening left in the field; I checked it last time I was here."

Lars couldn't believe his ears.  He didn't think they'd have this conversation for at least another 6 months!  It was an impossible dream placed directly into his lap and he wanted it more than anything.  He never thought she'd consider selling her business.

"So what do you think?"  Minena asked.  Not sure of his silence.

"I think we should toast to your move to Simmington Hills!  That's what I think!"  Lars laughed.  "I'm all for it, sweetheart.  If that's what you want to do, then do it!  Sell your business.  You'll be able to find a house in Willow County with no problem."

"One of your houses, right?"  Minena giggled.

"Nothing but the best for you, my sweet."  Lars raised his glass.

"Shall we go? We're gonna miss the movie if we don't leave now." Lars said.

"What about your tartlette? You gonna take it with?" 

Lars wasn't concerned about a nectarine tartlette.  He wanted to get Minena into that movie room at the library.  At this time of night, no one would be he hoped.

As they left the restaurant, a cold icy rain was pouring down.  The roads were quiet, no traffic in sight, as the rain pelted harshly on the black shiny pavement.  A cab finally arrived to take them to the Willow Co. Public Library to catch the blockbuster comedy, "Mime Cat".  Minena had been wanting to see it.

The rain had stopped by the time they drove the block down Cedar Street.

The bad news was the movie was over. Lars had gotten the times mixed up. The good news was that Minena didn't care. She kissed him with such passion he felt his knees buckle.

They didn't care that they were standing in the middle of the street. They didn't care that the rain was starting to fall again. They had fallen in love.

When Minena told him that she needed to get back to her hotel to get some rest and be ready to board SimAir in the morning. Lars didn't want to let her go.

"Absence makes the heart grow fonder." She said with a wicked grin.

"It also makes my d***k grow harder."  Lars said even more wickedly.

They both fell out laughing; wet and exhausted...they knew that New Year's 2008 had come to an end.  Minena boarded a cab and Lars called himself one; too tired and raining too hard to walk one apartment down to his place.

As he was waiting, he felt an incredible surge of electricity course through his if he was going through an internal explosion.  He quickly thought something had fallen on him; maybe an electrical power line or something...then he blacked out.

Tomika Cunningham was there and helped him regain consciousness.  He asked her to call the Lara Inn Motel and get Minena.

He was rushed to the Medical Center where Dr. Dalton had cleaned him up and he was resting when Minena got there.

Dr. Dalton and Minena greeted each other. The news was good. Lars would survive with very minor burns, but she was going to keep him overnight for observation.

"I really can't stay with him while he recuperates." Minena said in complete anguish. "I've got a design job at a ski lodge that I absolutely have to be there for."

"That's okaaay. Really, he's going to be just fine. You can stay here as long as you want. If everything looks good in the morning, Lars will be fine to leave in the morning and carry on as he's been doing all along." Dr. Dalton patted Minena on the shoulder and left the room.

Lars and Minena held hands and laughed easy...Lars hurt all over.  Who would've thought their memorable day would end up being this memorable.  LOL!

He told her it was almost 4 am...she needed to get some rest and so did he.  She'd call him when she got home.  He'd dream of her until then.


  1. "It also makes my d***k grow harder." That's why he got struck! ROFL That was hilirous! You know I'm still in tears over it. He lost bodily functions. ROFL

    I'm glad things are going so well between him and Minena. So when will she be moving to the Hills?

  2. Aww, I'm glad Minena will be moving to Simmington Hills. Long distance relationships are tough! Is Minena from another SUN hood or is she one of your own Sims?

  3. RD, LOL! Probably so. He shouldn't been trying to talk so slick. hahaha

    Carla, Minena is the self-Sim of the woman that won my "Mayors Got the Munchies" contest at Simvention Forum.

  4. I really hope that Minena will be moving soon to Simmington Hills. Maybe she is my perfect match?
    Maybe she can also help me to speak with a more smooth style?

    Can't wait to see how this story will going on!

    Greetings from
    Lars Larsson

  5. LOL! Hi Lars! Omg, you saw that comment...well, yes I hope Minena will help Lars with his manners. He made the newspaper with his lightning accident. I think he and Minena have a bright future ahead. They are completely head over heels for each other. It's not a 3 bolter, but all they do is want for each other. I'll be moving her into town in 2010, when we see Lars again. But I have a feeling these two will have a mini-update or something before then. :P