Thursday, December 18, 2008

Keva Michels - Simday 25

11 simyears old

My Mom bought me these red butterfly earrings..she said she had an experience with a butterfly once and it was really special to her. It reminded her of her best friend, a reminder that she was here. I can tell my Mom misses her a lot. That's a weird situation, 'cause I know Asya tried to kill my Dad. I'm glad she's dead and not him.

You ever just watch a butterfly - fly? It's so beautiful and graceful. That's why I like butterflies. They're like dancers. I've caught some really pretty ones recently for my bug box. So I think I'll hang onto these earrings, not because of Asya, but because they remind me of dancers. That's what I want to be when I grow up.

Speaking of dancers, I saw a lot of them at Disney Florida in Riverdale. Fire dancers. Yeah, real dangerous. I couldn't wait to get to Florida. I remember being excited to leave town, but my stomach hurt so bad, I couldn't go to sleep the night before. We had to go on a plane and I was pretty scared. My Dad didn't help much, so I turned to my Momma to make me feel better. Turns out, flying in a plane was the most fun ever! It actually felt like a roller coaster! I couldn't stop talking about our trip even once we got back home.

I wanted my Mom to make my face over like a tiger, like they did in Disney. I still have that picture in my room, too. I wanted to scare SayJ with my tiger face. Arrrgh!

SayJ Cunningham used to be my closest friend, and my enemy as well. LOL! We're not as close anymore since I became a teenager.


Which brings me to my next issue. Everybody's fussin' about this dog! Let me explain about Scrappy, ok? I love Scrappy. I just don't have the time anymore to play with Scrappy like I used to. He was the cutest little puppy I had ever seen. He had these cute reddish-brown eyes. Somebody scared of him, like SayJ, could think he was a wolf or something. I don't know.

I wanted him so bad, 'cause I got tired of SayJ coming over here bragging to me about his cats. All I could do was brag to him about all the bugs I had collected.

Well, when Ms. Wise called to check up on my school project and I told her it was finished. 5 insect specimens! She said I was the first to complete my Fall School Project, and now I could pass to Secondary class!

But SayJ Cunningham wasn't so impressed. He said I was gross, and that I loved bugs more than I do animals. He was just jealous, that's all. But I still wanted to get a big dog to scare him. My parents got Scrappy for me, and I was happy.

Scrappy grew up and so did I. Therefore, SayJ wasn't hanging around anymore to get scared. All the excitement disappeared. LOL!

I started helping Mom out around the house more. She's big into the environment. Everything's gotta be recycled or composted.

Scrappy got a job and I got one as an Aerobics Instructor down at Magnolia Ballet Academy.

Even my Mom works for extra simoleans at home on her days off, writing sports articles for SimCity.

Dad...he's the CEO of the bank now. I hardly ever see him. He does something with the home owners about affording their houses, or something. So that makes some extra money for us.

There's no free rides in our house.

Age correction was made for this family to match up with the new time relevance for the next update. Keva is a teen but she should be 11 years old at this time.  Please overlook my mistake.

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