Saturday, November 29, 2008

Seth Guthrie - Simday 20

35 simyears old:

Alright. I have to forget my hesitation about opening up my life for everyone to view and judge. Here goes...

I'm in love with an over the top, eccentric kind of woman, and her name is Marisa Bendett. I want to marry her, but I'm not sure she wants to marry me. Sometimes I really wonder if we're gonna make it; if she's just too big a butterfly for me to capture. Sometimes I wonder if I can provide the kind of lifestyle she wants to live.

There. I got that off my chest.

Some Sims say she's tacky, some say she's got a mouth like a sailor, I just say she's unique. She's real. She doesn't care who you are, she's gonna be herself no matter what. You can take it or leave it, and that goes for anybody...including me.

She's been known to strike out and punch somebody just for saying the wrong thing to her. In all truth, I was surprised that Maxine Wise left our apartment standing last night. LOL! It was rough for a minute, let me tell you. I'm not sure Maxine realised who she was talking to. LOL! It was certainly not my intention to start a war when I originally invited Emerita Valdes over to meet Marisa, as a surprise.

I only wanted them to get to know each other, and maybe Marisa could be invited to some future parties. But, the night turned out real well for Marisa, despite herself. I was proud of her.

I wanted to take her to the park the next day, so we could just shake things off and relax; enjoy the summer and get out of that apartment. I saw her laying out in the sun, looking so peaceful. I surely didn't want to disturb that, even though Tomika had come to shoot some hoops with me and talk about the jail situation.

Marisa never turns down an opportunity to meet with, or be seen hanging out with the social elite. I knew she'd kill me if I didn't tell her Tomika was there.

She ended up laying out in the sun too long, getting sunburnt, but she told me that any color is better than no color. Excitedly she said, "It looks like I've put pink rouge all over my body!"

I just shook my head. What else can I say to that? It had to hurt, though.

The little kids at the park were running from her. It didn't bother Marisa one bit. In fact, she laughed and acted like she was chasing after them. She even slid down the pool slide after one little boy who kept screaming "Lobster Lady!" at her.

That's when I whistled for her to come over, I didn't want her drowning the little guy in the pool. LOL! She rushed right over to greet Tomika. She even managed to invite herself over to the Magnolia Mansion. That's my girl!

Our day was cut short when the skies darkened and the lightning started. One thing I know for sure, when the weather gets bad nowadays, everyone in the Hills gets worried that another hurricane is about to hit. We had walked to the park, and had a long walk ahead of us...but fortunately, Keith Dalton was able to call us a cab home.


I was fighting mad when I went to City Hall to look for a new job. That's not something I had been prepared to deal with.

All of a sudden my life was uprooted. I had to find a new place to live, because the old SH Police Department was destroyed by the hurricane. That's how I ended up in the cheapest studio apartment I could find, and it is the pits! The walls are like paper drives me insane almost every night.

At least I still had my job, or so I thought...turns out the new Willow County Jail couldn't open because the Administration has no money, based on what Tomika had told me at the park. They're trying to keep that fact hush-hush, so Sims won't panic. I'm writing it here because the budget is about to be released anyways.

I only had $486 to my name when the news hit the paper about the lack of funding at the jail. My rent is $785! I owed a ton of money to the bank...I had to do something quick! Now you know why I opted out of my business. I needed cash quick. I just didn't know how long it was going to take to get it. You ever had this kind of stress?! It's not easy.

Thank goodness it came only a few days later!

SimCity Government paid me the Business Value of Seth's Barbershop! $25,000!

You would think this money would put me back into the swing of things, a lump sum like that. But, it didn't. It put me ahead of the swing, in my opinion. I couldn't bring myself to tell Marisa how much money I had gotten because she would wonder what happened to all of it, so quickly. She kept asking me and asking me...I kept her distracted with kisses and whatever else I could think of.

The truth is...I had a $20,400 Bank Loan against me. When would I ever have this kind of money again to pay it all off? I didn't want to be paying on it for the rest of my life, accruing interest. It was the smartest, most painful thing I've ever had to do. I had $4,600 left over to save for a bigger place, maintain part of the rent and household bills with; buy me and Marisa some new clothes, get me a couple packs of cigarettes, etc.

My whole summer was a distraction, because believe me...Marisa asked me how much that check was, every single simday. I couldn't tell her the truth because she would've never agreed for me to pay the whole loan off at once. I know her. She would've wanted to move to a bigger apartment first. She would've wanted to buy something...the list goes on. I am, in essence, delaying what I know will be the worst cursing out I've ever had.

I took her to the Willow Co. Library for a movie night.

We went fishing at the new Spencer Farms Fresh Market. I wanted to show off my 1st Place Gold Trophy-winning fishing skills, and believe me I was talking smack the moment we left the apartment all the way over to the store...but she managed to out fish me that simday. My mojo was off.

I took Marisa back home to clean the fish. I left to go buy a cell phone. I didn't want to get stuck out somewhere again without being able to call for a cab. When I called home to give Marisa the number, she told me that Sabien had called and needed to talk to me. I called him right away. He told me that I've got my old job back!! Bluewater Village has agreed to provide the jail with prisoners and funding!!

I was so relieved, you can't imagine! At the prison, I'm in charge. I make the calls. This job means a lot to me.

Sabien said he'd meet me over there the next simday, so we could meet the new Resident Prison Cop (RPC), Earl Grainger.

He's a great guy; composed, easy-going.

I think he's perfect for the job. We've got a well-run jail, if I do say so myself. Tomika Cunningham is the Governing Officer in charge, even though she's in Law Enforcement. I'm next in charge, as the Prison Guard-Senior Officer, and Earl is the RPC.

This ain't no cake walk, either. We've got a tough bunch of guys in there. These are not your everyday chump criminals...these guys have killed, robbed, stabbed, and extorted money by force. You name it. They've done it.

We've got 4 prisoners, currently. 5 cells, and 10 beds. If you do something illegal, you'll find yourself in here, too.

My job is to rehabilitate these prisoners; to make sure that no one gets past these walls without an adjustment to their way of thinking. And I take my job very seriously.

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