Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Honey Michels - Simday 20

46 simyears old

I don't want my little girl feeling bad about anything going on in her life. I want her to feel as confident and secure about herself, as I feel about myself.

I'm so proud of her. And I try to tell her that all the time.

It took a long while for me and her to warm up to each other. I had been gone, filming Suburb Sim, for a lot of her infancy/toddlerhood. She had a tighter bond with her father, but I think she's come to know that I'm her mother and I'm not going to leave her again. I let her get to know me, and teach her some of the things I'm interested in, like Cuisine. She reads my magazines and seems to really like it.

I'm there for her when she leaves for school each encourage her when she doesn't want to go. The kids at school can be very mean. They call her 'blubber butt' because of her recent weight gain. She's just a little chubby, nothing to fuss over. Although, it's hard for me to see her stuffing her face like she does. I have to remember, she's just a kid...and that's what kids do.

But, she seems to bounce back quickly. She's making friends and she's becoming interested in Music & Dance, so we bought her a ballet bar for her room.

Maybe one day, she'll be a star just like her Mom. She didn't want me to take her picture, because she's not good enough yet, but I told her if she practices everyday, she'll become SimNation's best ballet dancer! She just has to practice.

We've become the best of friends now, and I don't want to lose that trust between us.


I invited my girls over on my day off. I just love hanging with my girlfriends. They're a lot of fun, and it fills the gap from when me and Asya used to hang out and do all our dirt together. I really miss that.

I also wanted to feel out Emerita Valdes and she was cool. She doesn't know that I was the one that called in the story to THG about Ed and Tomika down at the car one knows I did that, but me and now you...the readers.

We were watching a movie and the subject came up about Asya. That's my life these days. No one can let it go. I'm trying to let it go in my own way, but it keeps coming up. I guess its because all of us have never sat down to talk about it. They wanted to know how me and Trinity felt. If I was still angry about Asya trying to kill my husband. Truth is...yeah, I'm still angry at her. I haven't forgiven her. They told me I needed to forgive her, and Nick needs to forgive Serg and vice versa. Rita said she was tired of throwing parties and either we don't come, or Serg and Kim don't come, because we don't get along.

That got me to thinking that I need to go visit Asya at the cemetery. I haven't been there since the funeral last year. I remember like it was yesterday, when I went over to her and Sergio's home in Cedar Homes, to talk to her about the effects her drinking would have on her newborn baby girl, Sierra. She had such a defensive wall up, I never got through to her.

A butterfly flew overhead and landed on the balister fencing near the grave. I knew it was a sign from Asya, asking me for forgiveness. I felt it in my spirit.

It was time for all of us to forgive one another.

I actually tried to catch that butterfly to keep it...heaven knows why. *smiles* It is kind of funny, now that I think about it.

Me and Stacy Masters have gotten pretty close. She's in Athletics, as well. She's an Assistant Coach at some school over in Sim City. I invited her over to talk some more and maybe to go and check out the new Sports Park. (I'm so glad we all have some place to go and workout now.)

She wanted to blow off some steam over the latest drama down at City Hall, regarding some letter she sent to Sabien. "Well, let's go work it out, girl! That's what Sims like us do!"

I hope I didn't intimidate her too much. With her being pregnant and all, she didn't want to come near the water. I thought she was gonna get in with me, but she didn't. I know one thing...I still got it!

Boy, did it feel good! My recreation only lasted a few minutes, though...the dark clouds rolled in and it started thunderstorming once again, within a few short minutes. I'll be glad when all this rain clears up, so I can enjoy this new park.

I can barely get my gardening done, with all the rain. You would think it would keep my flowers from dying, but nope! I forgot to water them and they've quickly started dying. As much as I hated to do it...I knew that the end of our rotation was coming, and I needed to get out there and 'pretty-fy' my front yard again. We got charged a couple thou. last time for not maintaining the yard.

Can you believe one of my co-workers is Jonathan Wade? He's on the coach's lineup with my team, the SimCity Llamas. Yep, the same Jonathan Wade I was furious with years ago, for making a pass at me. He came home with me and helped me out with the yard. He's been trying to make amends ever since that news hit the paper, oh so long ago.

I thought it was really sweet, and now I've even forgiven him! It's so nice how forgiveness can turn your life around, full circle. I hope other Sims will be inspired by this.

And, since Nick and Keva couldn't be bothered with yardwork, I put them on bathroom detail. *smiles*

At the end of the evening, we went back over to Aldi's as a family and had dinner, where we were greeted warmly by the staff and an estatic, Sergio, who barely let us enjoy our meal for wanting to talk about this or that. He was mighty happy to see us.

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