Thursday, December 18, 2008

Nick Michels - Simday 25

50 simyears old

Hindsight is always 20/20. Always. If I coulda-shoulda-woulda...things would be different. I'm in the business of money and finances. But I can't seem to grasp my own! It's a constant struggle to stay afloat, and I'm getting tired.

I'll be an elder in 10 years, and I feel like I haven't moved ahead much since college. I'm always trying to please the ones I love...redecorate the house instead of living with what we had, buy a dog that we don't really want, go to another city while Simmington Hills is struggling financially, invest in some stocks that proved to be a total failure. The list goes on!

Sabien cut a check to us. I know he made a promise, but I hate traveling. Whereas, my wife and daughter couldn't WAIT to go. To me, no amount of simoleans can truly make up for almost being poisoned to death. It wasn't the Hills' fault or Sabien's, it was Asya's fault! And she took the easy way out.

But, my wife has a different take on it..."Who the hell turns down $3,000 simoleans, Nick? We've got a chance to visit any SUN Hood we want! I did my research, and Riverdale has a new Florida vacation spot with Disney World! And, Keva won't be a little girl forever...blah-blah-blah." We should have turned it was a bad time to leave. I knew that, but again...I was trying to please my family.

We went to Riverdale and we had a wonderful time, I'm not gon' lie. It was nice once we got there. The plane ride was turbulent most of the way because of the rain. I don't want to ever ride in a plane again. Twice is enough.

I think I enjoyed Riverdale's Florida vacation spot more than I did Riverdale, only because I was a little uncomfortable. I especially didn't want to talk about the Hills' finances, and was so afraid the subject was gonna come up. There was also a little tension between my wife and Mayor Snowden's wife. Who knows why? Women. I think Honey thinks she's a celebrity and she's not...don't tell her I said that.

But in Florida, we got a chance to let our hair down, relax and sightsee all the animals and swim with the dolphins. We really enjoyed the hotel there. Honey and I got the honeymoon we never had. We got to talk about our love of food and eat as much as we wanted. Honey was chill about it, too. Keva burst out of her shell and became this inquisitive, outspoken little girl! So the trip was worth it just for these reasons alone. Thank you Riverdale-Florida and Mayor Snowden for your hospitality!

Even on vacation, I couldn't help but talk about Simmington Hills' infrastructure. Sabien was having a hell of a time trying to figure out how to stay afloat. And here he was giving us $3,000 simoleans that he didn't have...and we blew right through it like nothing! We had just enough money to buy a souvenir for Keva, which was some Kawaii pillows for her bed and maybe $100 left over to bring home.

Keva loved her pillows, though. Anything to please my Princess.

Getting back home, Sabien and I had to brainstorm on what we had to do. He decided to raise taxes and cut off salaries. I nearly fainted. This would absolutely sink me.

We might as well put a For Sale sign out front of our house, and move to a shelter! I've never seen Sabien look so sick. He knew a lot of us would be in big trouble, but there was nothing he could do...until he called me up at 3:00 a.m. one morning. He had an idea to hold a Silent Auction.

I don't have to tell you the end of this story...the auction was a huge success. Needless to say, we were able to get paid this Period with no taxes, that really saved our butts! Or so I thought, mine turned out to still be in the mud.

We got a dog that Keva begged for, for days on end...her mother said we should reward her for raising her B+ to an A. Here comes Scrappy. Scrappy needs a place to bathe, we don't have a tub..."Oh honey, build a shed!" That takes money. But I built it. "Oh honey, the dog needs walking and it's too late to have Keva do it, can you take him?" At midnight or later, I'm out in the cold walking the dog. Now what if I get sick? Oh yeah, I paid the health insurance this period, too. But, we don't have the deductible if something were to happen.

Everybody needs new Winter clothes, it's getting cold outside. Honey felt she needed a basketball court to practice old moves she used to make while playing with the SimCity Llamas. She still got it, but not like she used to.

Do they think I'm just made of simoleans? They gotta get their hair done and their nails done, and Honey stays in the Shoppes buying jewelry and who knows what else.

I just wasn't expecting to lose my stock investments. BAM!! $3,900 gone...just like *snap* that! And I didn't even have the simoleans to cover my own ass. Honey had to pull all of it out of her bank account. The last few simoleans she earned from Suburb Sims, and it looks like that soap is not even running anymore. What the hell are we gonna do? So, once again, her money is bailing me out. I know we're a team, but it kills me to have her do this.

Even Keva heard me panicking in the other room, and went to dig out her little $200 savings! Daaaamn...of course I didn't take it, I'm not that kind of father.

Will I ever get my act together? GameTime Sports Bar is sorely missed. At least I could count on bringing in extra money. At least I could get away from the house and from the bank and go have some fun. It wasn't real work, you know? I got $15,000 for opting out of it.

$10,000 went towards my bank loan. I owe $-127,400 on my bank loan, and its growing every other day. The other five thou. went into re-decorating our house and driving our cars...did you know that vehicles and taxis cost money here in Simmington Hills? It's true! I don't even want to mention the $5,000 added onto each bill we get. And since my wife raked leaves too early in the morning, we got hit with another $2,000 fine...hell.

Oh well this is life, right? Sound too much like your own? Well, sorry for that. We all go through it, I guess. At least my true friends understand. Can you believe I'm calling Sergio a true friend? We've been kicking it ever since we made up. No big news now. He came by after we got back from Riverdale to see how I was holding up from all the scrutiny in the papers. We tossed a football to get some fresh air and get out from under the ladies in the house. heh-heh.

I thought this was a nice gesture, one I won't forget. I really needed someone to talk to and he put a smile on my face.

Honey still knows how to put a smile on my face, too...she corners me in the bathroom almost daily. heh.

I'll just keep on weathering the storm, the road'll smoothen out one of these simdays. I just hope it's before the old Grim Reaper comes to claim me.

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