Thursday, December 18, 2008

Honey Michels - Simday 25

50 simyears old

I've been thinking and thinking on how we can get out of this debt we're in. Money is not coming in like it used to. I'm not playing for the SimCity Llamas anymore, I left the team as an MVP. I'm trying to get further up the chain in the Athletics career, but I can't play basketball forever. I'm hoping for a coaching job. Thanks to my husband, I'm still able to practice on the new court we put in.

I also don't know my fate on Suburb Sims. The last I heard, Anthony Troy the producer of Suburb Sims, had died.

Paul Yates, my agent, sent me an email telling me that I could possibly get a renewed contract with them. That was over a year ago. I've gotten paid, $3,150 for each show I've appeared in. It's been our saving grace, so far.

The way it works is, I've already filmed all the shows I was gonna appear in, but if there is a reason for the show to cancel, then all that time goes out the window. Time I spent away from my husband and daughter. What's done is done now. I'm gonna email Paul and see where we stand. If I was to get extended on the show, I'd be making $4,050 per episode I appeared in. But again, I'm not sure about the longevity. I need to take matters into my own hands.

I've still been going about my life as if everything is alright. I feel that it's necessary if you have kids, to still treat them and reward them for doing well. You can't panic. Things have to go on as normal in front of your kids.

(It's nice when someone recognizes me from the show.)

Next period we're really gonna have to get in gear, if we're gonna send Keva to college. I have some ideas that might work. I might try out for Pahala Shore. ? I don't know, I'm getting up in age now, but before I get too old-looking, I need to get out there.

When we were re-doing the house, I found this green lips painting to put in my bedroom. It's kind of playful and sexy, since Nick is Pleasure and I'm a Romance Sim, it was perfect for us. A few simdays passed of me looking at it, and it suddenly reminded me of an organization in Simmerville.

Have you heard of the Green Lipz Organization? It's all about the environment. It was started by this young teenaged girl, I think.  I went and bought a magazine to help me understand more about the environment, and possibly how we can save it, and save some money in the process.

With this new deal Sabien signed, we could buy some solar panels for the house, to cut down on our bills. I don't know how much they cost yet. I've also tried my best to keep my garden looking decent, to avoid getting hit with that $2,000 Garden Maintenance fine, but I can never get the timing right. The leaves in the Fall are neverending. Sabien shouldn't even fine us for leaves!


I regret buying a dog for Keva. That's one thing I do regret above all the other money I've spent. She was all hyped up over getting a puppy, and then when she became a teenager, she lost all interest in having a pet. I should've listened to Nick. None of us like animals. It was a hasty move, but you never know how things will turn out. I'm always scolding that dog to stop tearing up my stuff.

We might just sell Scrappy, he's learned two commands..Stay and Come Here, that should be worth something. Then again, I don't know. He's working as a Security Dog, so he's bringing in some cash. Truthfully, I'll be glad when a breeder moves here. If I could sell Scrappy to a breeder, some other family could benefit. The new shed I had Nick build, could be used for something else, like a massage table. I could set up my own home business! My biggest dream is to earn $100,000 in my lifetime. Is it too late to start now?

One thing Nick and I agree on, is everybody in this household has gotta hold down a job! *smiles* That means Keva and Scrappy, too.

We'll see what happens. I'm thankful that things aren't worse. There could be all kinds of mess going on. Don't think I haven't had those urges us Romance Sims are inclined to.

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