Monday, November 3, 2008

Keith Dalton - Simday 20

33 simyears old:

Since I last wrote, life has moved on. Trinity and I were able to purchase a small home at 88 E. Cedar Street, flat out with cash. We have no mortgage, and only have to pay a $500 property tax each period. We're the 1st family in the Hills to be able to do that, I'm proud to say!

This home was perfect for us - a bit on the small side, but that was no big deal. I had grand ideas for the place once we moved in. The reason we paid cash was because I wanted to renovate it without the limitations. Administrative Law is that you can't do large renovations if you don't own your home. Hey, I'm an Interior Designer. I can't have limits!

Our home became a showpiece. It was small on the outside, but Country Elegance on the inside! It was my best interior design so far:

The home evoked an atmosphere of warmth, with its country cabin feel and elegant style. I couldn't wait to publish it with the "How We Livin'" Tours!

And just when I thought it couldn't get any better, we found out we were pregnant!

I started winning interior design awards around the Sims Community, SimCity Furniture's website opened online, and it was all just a HUGE dream come true...until The Hurricane of Spring 1 destroyed everything!

We were devastated, but we still had each other. Trinity's pregnancy was fragile, though. She knew that she was in trouble if we didn't get settled in somewhere as soon as possible. Life at the camp was very difficult for her.

Lars Larsson was able to rebuild our home, thank goodness! We moved back in, but it wasn't the same. What surprised me, was it didn't even matter anymore. Maybe a little, but I didn't care about those material things as much. I was about to be a father. We plainly furnished the house, believing that one day, I might be able to restore it to its former glory.

All my efforts were placed on my wife. There was nothing more attractive to me than Trinity - pregnant. I couldn't keep my hands off her! She was radiant!

Whenever I'd see her having any discomfort, I would be right there. Truth be told, I knew she was worrying about carrying her pregnancy to full term, so I tried to make her feel as good as I could.


SimCity Furniture was ripped apart by that hurricane. I opted to rebuild my store with a more casual and modern design. We don't have to dress up to come to work anymore. Heh-heh. I'm sure my staff likes that idea. It's still located at the old address, but looks nothing like it used to.

I'm working hard to get our Rank back up to where it was. We're on Level 5 now, so business is doing good. I managed to save some money for the baby's nursery, and buy myself a new Lexus LS430! I've had my eye on that car for a long time. And that's all I'll say about that.


Trinity's due date came and I had the worst time watching her struggle in pain. It seemed like it took forever, but it was only a few minutes. She delivered twins...TWINS!

My ideal life has begun and the sky is the limit! I have a beautiful son and daughter, Terris and Terryn.

I had to quickly make room for the kids, so we added a second floor to the house; moved our master bedroom and bath upstairs, and made a playroom out of our old master bedroom. The upstairs isn't finished, but we can't complain of not having enough room anymore, that's for sure. We've got plenty of space to stretch out!

The main thing I've learned over this past spring and summer, is that things work out, even when we don't think they will. You just gotta have faith.

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