Friday, November 28, 2008

Marisa Bendett - Simday 20

32 simyears old:

Warning: Adult language

Wow, this is different! I'm not used to reporting my life story, but I guess you could say Simmington Hills has been reporting on me since the beginning. Why not give back, right?

Remember when I was in the Simday's Paper for assault at the old Bank of America? It didn't embarass me. I crave that kind of publicity! Do you know how many parties I was able to crash that week?! But, that was a long time ago. If you read the article, you know that I was accused of flirting with Nick Michels in the bank. And I bitch-slapped this girl for calling me out on it. But it was true. I did have a small crush on Nick but he didn't know it. He was like a rock star. The man with all the money. I eventually got involved with someone else. The man with no money. Hee-hee!

Seth Guthrie and I have been dating for awhile now. We met at the old Simmington Hills Police Department. (I had to pay a fine for the assault.) It seems like yesterday when he took me to Sen. Cunningham and Tomika's house for a Welcome Home Party for Nick Michels. What a coincidence, right?! Nick had just gotten out the hospital from being poisoned. Forget Nick, I was so excited to have been invited!! Can you believe I was the only Townie there? A girl in my profession needs to have a lot of big-named friends, to get invited to all the big-named parties! And Seth works with the 1st Lady of Simmington Hills, Tomika Cunningham. You can't get any bigger than that. Her husband, Sabien is the only one bigger and knowing Tomika, is like knowing him.

A lot of folks couldn't believe that Seth brought me, but it wasn't that far-fetched...he was new in town and hardly knew anyone but Tomika. That's us in the left corner. Like we were the only two Sims at the party!

We also spent alot of time together at Kent Camp. My living situation wasn't affected by the hurricane. But at that point, I cared about Seth very much. So I would come by to visit just about everyday. We made out a LOT. Shoot, everybody made out a lot! *smiles* It did make the time go by faster.

Once Seth moved into his new apartment, he called me up for a date. He told me he didn't have much money, was out of a job, etc. But he wanted to see me as soon as possible. I could tell he had something on his mind.

My 1st thought was, "Oh shit, is this guy gonna propose to me in the new McDonalds?!!" I was beyond excited. Who does that?! Nobody! That's why I was hoping he would. I love being different and over the top.

So, I'm making small talk with the waiter, trying to look every bit as ladylike and non-chalant as I could. Inside, I was a trembling mess! (since when did McDonald's get waiters? CLASSY!)

He leaned in and I thought..."Here it comes!"

He asked me if I would move in to help him with his rent. Dammit!! Well, I said, "What the hell. Sure!" It's an opportunity for me to move here and meet some movers and shakers and party-makers. But, first I had to find out who the true party-makers are. Seth told me the only person he knew of that had a lot of parties, was Emerita Valdes. Even though he'd never been invited to one. Well, babe..that's all about to change! You've got me now!

After moving in, I was able to really see Seth in a different light. Much more personal. Underneath all that grease and grime he's a very good-looking guy, but I like the Mechanic-vibe he gives off. He has this 'rough and tumble, tough guy' image that suits him very well. Especially when he lights up a cigarette. Kinda like Paul Newman. He's got a smile that'll light your heart on fire and make you forget to wear your panties.

It's too bad he's struggling so much. I'm not a Fortune Sim or anything, but I do love money and I like to live a grand lifestyle. I've just gotta make some things happen that's all. Shoot, I've got a limousine that picks me up to take me jetsetting out to parties all night!


Seth ran into the apartment one day, to tell me he had gotten a check. Something about him selling his business. We weren't poor anymore! He dropped down on his knees and asked me to marry him!! It was SO out of the blue! I screamed, "YES, YES, YES!" My emotions were through the roof! I kept waiting for him to tell me how much money he'd gotten.

He also told me he got his job back, guarding the prisoners at the jail. He was more happy about this than getting the money. We were jumping around, and then I just flat out asked, how much was the check?!! He said, "Nevermind about that. I've gotta go get my uniform cleaned. I start back tomorrow."

*sighs* That's ok. This means we'll move outta this teeny tiny apartment soon. I hadn't been here a week and the walls were already feeling like they were closing in on me. It didn't help much when the lights went out because the bill was past due. Good thing I like candles...I brought some from my house.

Seth couldn't have moved into a bigger dump. We have to move the couch out the way, just to use the bed. When the lights are on, the lighting is terrible! My blonde hair looks like this funky yellow-greenish color all the time. I had Seth cut it to give me a different style, but it was pointless. It still looked too yellow. I'm a party girl...I need to look fabulous.

I'm not finished...The noise in the apartment is NEVER ENDING. Why must Sims always make noise when you've got something important to do the next day? Damn! I made an appointment at the Head & Hair Salon to dye my hair black. I've always loved black hair, so why not on ME?! But, trying to get my beauty sleep before I go get beautiful was like trying to sleep during a rock concert. Seth bangs on the wall, but it doesn't help. So he smokes and tries to ignore it.


The next day, I'm eating lunch and guess who happens to come by and knock on our freakin' door?!! Emerita Valdes, that's who!! I snuck a look at Seth, thinking he'd set this up for me, but he shrugged it off like he didn't know why she came over, either. Shit, why couldn't she have come by just a few hours later, when my hair would be done?!

Ok. This is it, right?! I'm getting ready to be invited to the Party of all Parties!! WRONG.

She asked me if I'd be interested in teaching at the College Preparatory School. !! She and Nick Michels are in charge of finding staff for the school, with Maxine Wise's approval, and they're in need of a teacher for the Secondary Class.

Do I look like a teacher?! Do I look like I want to be stuck in a room with a bunch of teenagers all day? I have always wanted to become a lawyer, deep down...but, NO. I hate school. I'd rather continue being a Professional Party Guest. Thank you very much. But I told Emerita in my sweetest voice, "I'd love to think about it and talk to Mrs. Wise about it at some point in the future; I've got a hair appointment right now." Hey, if it was going to get me in good with Emerita Valdes, and get me invited to one of her parties, then I'll do whatever I had to.

She then tells me that Mrs. Wise was going to be in the area; she'd call her up and have her meet me at Head & Hair. Well, damn...can't I get beautiful in peace?!!

As soon as I saw my new black hair, I knew this was the look for me. The girl kept my same cut, which let me know that Seth didn't do too bad a job cutting my hair. He certainly had skills. Seth looked on and seemed pleased with my transformation, although I knew he was feeling a little reminiscent about this salon being on the same lot he had his old barbershop.

I look freakin' FABULOUS!

Feeling good and ready to get this teaching job, despite what I felt earlier...I looked around the shop trying to spot someone that looked like a teacher. BINGO.

We greeted each other and immediately, this snooty-nosed woman gives me this 'head-to-toe look' as if she smelled something bad!

I started to slap that smug look off her face! But I remembered what happened last time.

Then this bitch turns around and starts to walk away saying, "This must be some kind of mistake!" And she walks out of the salon just like that!

I told Seth I was ready to leave. I have never been so insulted in all my life! What did I do to her?! "Does my breath stink, babe?" I asked Seth. Which of course it didn't. But we laughed. I really didn't want to teach anyway, but I couldn't wait to call Emerita Valdes and let her know how rude this bitch was.

Senator Sabien Cunningham, Sr. came over himself, in person, to hear my side. He didn't tell me that Mrs. Wise was coming too.

We wasted no time getting into it with each other. She let me know exactly how she felt. Let's just say that we ended up agreeing to disagree. Mrs. Wise thought that I looked like a clown. That I was tacky and my particular lifestyle was not what she wanted in her school.

I let her know real quick that she didn't know me. She wasn't expecting my switchblade up in her face. I put it up real quick before Sabien saw it. When he looked over, I told her 'sweetly' that we can possibly hang out whenever she gets around to removing that stick out her ass.

After she left, Sen. Cunningham made an offer to me that I couldn't refuse.

He told me that Maxine is entitled to her vision for the school. But he felt that I had talents that could be useful to the Hills. There are two Council Member seats still vacant. Slacker and Military. He asked me if I would consider becoming a Hood Council Member as the Slacker Advisor. I could report on all the parties, the social hot spots in SH, and I would be responsible for beautifying the community, and...and here's the shocker, I would be the new THG reporter! You know, The Hills Gossip Magazine!!

He has yet to find out who was behind the slander campaign against him, but he's more than happy to have me write the town gossip instead. Cameron Masters will just not print anymore of the other reporter's articles. WOAH, that's MAJOR freakin' news!! This is my ticket, all you bitches that hate me! I asked him if I would be given carte blanche to write whatever I wanted to write without backlash from him or anybody else. He said, "Sure, as long as it's not racist or hateful." He really doesn't mind a bit of healthy slander, as long as he knows who's behind it. Whatever keeps Sims reading the papers. There's only one temporary down side...I'll have to wait until Period 6 to get paid.

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