Sunday, February 17, 2008

Ray Wilsonoff - Simday 20

30 simyears old

Having been held in a holding center for way too long, my mood was not the best upon arrival to Simmington Hills. I'm not the nicest person to begin with.

And Stacy Masters rubbed me the wrong way when she happened to be walking by, as the cab let me out in front of my new apartment. I later heard she used to live there, so was she just being nosy? But, why did she have to mention Sabien Cunningham? I mean, true. The guy is nice. He tries his best, I know. And, my family respects the man dearly, but I'm not in favor of his slow immigration procedures. And I let her know that. I guess I could've tried to make a better 1st impression. The last thing I need is for Sabien to find out what I said, without having had a chance to explain myself.

She walked away from me in a huff, which I don't blame her. All she was doing, was trying to be nice.


I walked over to Aldi's for some new clothes and to meet Sergio Spencer. A man that I revere in the cooking world. I wanted to grab a copy of his new cookbook, "Think Like a Chef". While shopping, I managed to stick my foot in my mouth again by upsetting Sergio. I didn't mean to tell him how to cook his omelettes. But, I like mine cooked a certain way. I guess he took offense because I wasn't even eating there that night.

There were a number of beautiful ladies doing some shopping as well. I scanned the room to see which of them caught my eye. There's no better way to meet new people.

Confession: I like them young.

Needing to meet a more experienced woman, I turned my attention towards Marylena Hamilton, another one that caught my eye. She wears her hair dyed red at the store, but rinses it out when she's not working. Someone must've told her that was cute.

She and I ended up getting along pretty well. I planned to meet her at GameTime Sports Bar later that night. So, a much needed haircut was in order. Seth Guthrie hooked me up. I know my Mom and Dad, Ajani and Rayne, will be glad to see that I look a lot more professional.

I went home and changed and put some food on my stomach.

Marylena was running late...a pet peeve of mine. So, I wasted time by chatting up Tosha Go. I began to feel a little uncomfortable after a few stares from some of the pool players, so I left her alone. I must've been slurring my words a bit.

Marylena finally got there, and the rest of our time together has been fun, but there's something missing. I just don't know what it is.


My neighbors, the Valdes', have been warm and inviting since I moved in. They invited me to their kids birthday party. I met Lydia Sagacious there. Her name alone, intrigued me. And, she was quite impressed that I was a member of FENSA. This woman had intelligent things to say. I was totally mesmerized by her.

I finally met Sabien at the party, too. He's been so great working with my Aunt Ayanna, I decided to give him a lemon torte I had made.

All in all, the party was a real nice social event for me. The Valdes' have been an integral part of introducing me to the sitizens of Simmington Hills. They even took me to dinner at Aldi's to get to know me better.

It's too bad their daughter was scheming to get to know me better also.

She's certainly not the one to blame. I knew what I was doing. But, are the Valdes' going to understand?

Opening my Saint Rose Bakery was an afterthought to all this madness. I'm hoping that my financial troubles at the bank and the little indiscretion with a minor won't land me in jail. Nick Michels is leaning on me to make a payment on my loan.

I'm in way over my head in debt and in matters of the heart. I really like this kid, but Lydia is The One, I believe. How do I break Erline's heart?

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