Monday, February 18, 2008

Elmer Valdes - Simday 20

15 simyears old

...Can't believe that my sister and I are finally teenagers. Now I'm torn between what I want to do with my life versus what my father wants me to do with my life.

My dad works hard. Sometimes too hard. He's made a stone success out of BBV Motors. But, he wants me to continue that legacy so he can retire. I understand we're all he's got, but I've never shown him an interest in selling cars. I've always shown my parents that I love art. Painting and photography is where my heart is.

My mom's a little more understanding. Although, she worries about the future of BBV, she always encourages me behind closed doors, to fulfil my dreams. I can talk to her about anything and she always has an answer. But, she can't help but feel for dad, who complains to her that everything he's worked for is gonna go down the toilet if me or my sister doesn't step up to the plate. My dad wants her to take his side, but she tries to be there for us more than him....umm, well, that's whenever we can get her attention. We have to wait between 1pm and 2pm, then we get our mom back. Nobody can pry her away from Pahala Shore. She loves that sappy soap opera.

My sister and me will be playin' and laughin'...and she'll yell, "I'll deal with y'all after my soap. Now take all that noise to your room."

We love to get her riled up, but she's a great mom. For the holidays, she bought all of us gifts. I don't think any of us got her anything. She's always thinking of us.

She got me a basket of fake fruits. Now, you might not see the beauty of this gift, but it speaks volumes to me. She asked me to paint it for her. Like an art class would do. She was literally giving me her blessing right in front of dad, that she wants me to pursue my art!


My sister's been acting weird lately. She stays cooped up in her room. (Well that's not really weird, she's been doin' that since that decorator lady, purple-something, gave her new room. Purplepaws. Yeah.) But, she's always playing her music and singing with the door closed. Like she's in concert or something.

Sometimes I don't know how she does it, but she'll sneak out and leave her music on and my parents'll think she's still in there, when I know she's not.

She don't have a where's she going? I think - she's going downstairs to hang out with Ray. He's a pretty cool guy. I can see why she likes him. He knows a lot of stuff about alot of stuff. But, he and I have more in common than they do. We talk guy stuff alot of times.

I asked her what's up with her and Ray and she threw a pillow at me. She told me he's helping her with her homework. Hmpff! She gets this goofy look on her face whenever I mention his name. She came walking in the house with that goofy expression on her face the other night. It was after 10pm!! I pretended to read my book, but I was watching her.

I'm looking forward to getting out of Simmington Hills for awhile to attend Sims State. I need to meet some new kids...especially girls. There ain't no decent girls around here to talk to, and no decent places to go either. They need to get a community center or something.

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