Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Edward Valdes - Simday 20

40 simyears old

I don't know what's wrong with me. I love my wife, but I'm feeling like she doesn't appreciate me and the lifestyle I'm affording her. Rita's always spending money like it's going out of style. Parties every month, new clothes, gifts...the list goes on! I work so hard and no one cares. My own children don't care about the legacy I'm trying to leave them. All they want to know is where we're moving to.

I've saved up enough money for us to buy a real nice house once our lease expires next period. That money didn't come easy, either. I work my ass off! I'm always stressing that hard work should be rewarded, so where are my rewards?!

I decided to talk to Orlando Centowski about the great job he's doing at BBV Motors. He's always on time, and he does the work of 2 people everyday! He likes my daughter too, which is a plus, maybe I will be able to keep BBV Motors in the family?

Do you know how hard it is to sell cars in the snow? It's damn near impossible! I practically have to scream and get up in my customer's faces to make them buy a car. But, we won another Best of the Best Award. Sure did. Our 2nd.

I came home one day after working outside in the snow for 12 hours straight. I was blue from frostbite and Rita just looked at me like I should've known better. Mouth all sucked up so tight...No hug, no - "How was your day, honey?" She does everything for everyone else, but I'm left out of the circle. She could've fixed me something hot to drink, but NO...I had to do it myself.

I did think of another more fun way to get warmed up...but forget about that...a quick glance at the television showed me that Rita was watching her soap. I learned real fast, don't mess with her while her soap is on or you'll get your neck snapped off.

Confession: No one was happier than I was when the sun came out and started melting some of that snow. A sure sign of spring. Or when Tomika Cunningham showed up on my lot. A sure sign of "Oh my goodness, what am I getting myself into?"

At our Halloween Party, I had flirtaciously suggested that she could stop by the lot and arrest me anytime she wanted to. But, I'm always flirting with Tomika like that. I think she's hot. With respect to the Mayor and my wife...but, I never in a million years would think she'd do it. But, she did and now I'm crushing on the Mayor's wife.

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