Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Erline Valdes - Simday 20

15 simyears old

Me and my brother's birthday party turned out to be total crap. My mom forgot to make enough enchiladas and people started leaving 'cuz they were hungry. She's always throwing parties, but she never makes enough food. I wonder why she never makes her award-winning chili. She's got a silver trophy for it. She said it didn't have anything to do with the food, the blizzard outside made the party go south, but I just disagree. It's been snowing all winter long, and people still go where they wanna go.

I guess I should stop riding her back, 'cuz she's a good mom. She got me some really cool clothes and showed me how to do my hair so that it looks good against my face. I got some real chubby cheeks. And they don't look right. My Dad says it's an inherited trait from his father...but, how would he know? I thought he never knew his father. Plus, mom's got fat cheeks too. I'm double-cursed.

She also re-did my room. Purplepaws had designed me a beautiful kid's room, but my mom made it more teen-like with my favorite color, teal.


I'm just feeling bad 'cuz this guy I really like, acts like he don't like me as much anymore and like he wants me to leave him alone. We talk all the time on the phone, and now he doesn't even answer my calls.

Yeah, you know him...it's Orlando Centowski. He works for my dad. He invited Orlando over here to talk to him about the business, and to make me and my brother jealous, I guess. Orlando's been working for my father since the beginning. And, he's really good at his job. I've liked 'O' since I was a kid.

But, I figure if he's never home and not answering his phone...neither will I. So I started hanging out downstairs with Ray. Ray is way-smart. He knows so much. And he's great to hang out with. I've started liking him, too. He makes me feel important.

So, now I'm torn between two guys that I like a lot. Ray, I think about him all the time 'cuz our relationship has become even closer. Orlando, I think I'd like to date him 'cuz he's my age and he's got goals already for his future.

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