Saturday, December 1, 2007

Maxine Wise - Simday 20

30 simyears old, (12/01/07):

Simmington Hills College Preparatory School (CPS) is where my family resides. The school was built by GamingMom, Inc., and I must say it is very well built. Justin Starter of SimVannia Waters created our beautiful sign with the CPS crest on it. To all, I say thanks.

The Administration was gracious enough to even furnish our apartment for us! When we walked in, we almost fell over in amazement. It was so beautiful! The only thing left for us to do, was furnish the upstairs kitchen/living area.

My husband couldn't believe he had a baby grand piano. He's a starving musician, who's been playing an old Yamaha keyboard for the longest time. Now, his music comes to life. I'm in awe of how wonderful Jacques sounds on this piano.

When I accepted Nick Michels and Emerita Valdes' offer to come work in the Hills, I had no idea how it would be. Judge Cunningham and his Administration should all be commended on a first class job.

Judge Cunningham says he didn't design my home...a 'Mr. Dalton' did. Well, I must meet this 'Mr. Dalton' and thank him face-to-face. After I get a few paychecks in my purse, maybe I will take them both out to dinner! The Administration pays me $5,000/period to run this school, that should be more than enough for a dinner, don't you think? *smiles*

Meet my family: My husband Jacques, sister Lydia, and my kids Christina and Charles.

We were greeted not only by a Welcoming Committee, but also by several "Congrats on Your New Job" -type of greeting cards. I can clearly see how important education is to this close-knit town, and education is my life. So it's a perfect fit.

They've gone above and beyond to make me and my family feel at home.

It made me anxious to get to work. So, I had Jacques and Lydia, empty our move-in boxes while I went downstairs into my school office. I was surprised that it, too, was already furnished and ready.

I immediately organized my class schedule and curriculum.

We started classes on Monday and our schedule is as follows:

Monday: Daily Assignment (DA), Cooking, Cleaning, Chess Club

Tuesday: Gardening, Mechanical, Debate, Phys. Ed.

Wednesday: Gardening, Chess Club, Recreation, Music/Art Appreciation

Thursday: (Snow Day-Closed) - DA, Debate, Music/Art Appreciation, Recreation

Friday: Cooking, Cleaning, Mechanical, Phys. Ed.

We had a huge snowfall on Wednesday night, causing school to be closed on Thursday.

So because of that, we had to change Friday's schedule to include DA...the students grades were slipping drastically and I didn't want the whole weekend to pass without them doing some homework. (I will also publish a 'report card' before I end my journal so that everyone is aware of how the kids are progressing.)

The students were receptive to me and they liked their new classroom. We started with 5 students, but after his birthday, my son Charles joined us on Friday making the class total- 6.

I have to be mindful not to leave the classroom, otherwise I come back to total chaos! *laughs* But, that's ok.

It never takes me long to get them seated back down and settled into their workbooks.

The kids' report card: Period 4, Simday 16-20

Beginning/Ending Grade - Beginning/Ending Skills

Marchon Cunningham: C/A+, Cooking 0/0, Mech. 1/1, Charisma 6/6, Body 0/0, Logic 3/4, Creativity 5/5, Cleaning 3/3

Rashid Cunningham: A+/A+, Cooking 2/2, Mech. 1/1, Charisma 4/4, Body 2/2, Logic 3/4, Creativity 1/1, Cleaning 0/0

Elmer Valdes: A+/A+, Cooking 5/5, Mech. 1/1, Charisma 5/5, Body 2/2, Logic 6/7, Creativity 1/5, Cleaning 6/6

Erline Valdes: A+/A+, Cooking 2/5, Mech. 1/1, Charisma 4/6, Body 2/2, Logic 3/6, Creativity 1/2, Cleaning 0/3

Charles Wise: C/A+, Cooking 0/0, Mech. 0/0, Charisma 0/3, Body 0/0, Logic 0/0, Creativity 0/1, Cleaning 0/0

Christina Wise: C/A+, Cooking 0/4, Mech. 1/1, Charisma 0/0, Body 0/0, Logic 1/2, Creativity 0/0, Cleaning 1/1

There are extra-curricular classes as you've read above. Here are some pics of those classes:


Recreation: The Smustle

Chess Club:


Music/Art Appreciation:

Phys. Ed.:

Now, don't think I work your kids all day without a break! We have a cafeteria that provides tasty lunches and we all get to socialize about our day.

Well, now that you've seen the inner-workings of CPS, I hope you are satisfied that your kids are in great hands.

I do realize that our skill scores are not as high as I would like them to be. There are just not enough hours in a schoolday to see a bigger improvement, so I am urging all parents to continue with their children's education. The next time this class convenes, half of these kids will be teenagers, moving onto Secondary Class...and I'd like them to have gained some skills on their return.

Thank you!

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