Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Tomika Cunningham - Simday 15

41 simyears old, (05/23/07):

Prepare yourself for a long journal entry....A lot of things happened this period. Let's start with mine not showing up. I got pregnant again! Sabien and I found out totally by surprise. (yeah...I know I always say that.)

But, seriously, this time I had no morning sickness, no energy loss, no great hunger loss, when all of a sudden my tummy swelled up. LOL!

This comes right after I changed my job schedule to help Seth Guthrie out down at the station. I now work 10 p.m. to 6 a.m., graveyard shift. We had our first two inmates, and he needed the help. I really like that guy, Seth. He seems to be very easygoing, and hard working. He even trimmed my hair for me. He's not a women's stylist, either, and he did a great job.

The most exciting news, is that we threw a "Welcome Home" party on Simday 13 for Nick Michels, who was released from the hospital on Simday 12.

When I asked Sabien about giving me some money to fix up our tiny, non-existent backyard for entertaining, do you know what he did? He gave me the final $200 that he owed me from college! Saying, "Here ya go, thought I forgot, didn't you?" and had a shit-eating grin on his face. All these years later, and he's finally finished paying me back...hmmph.

First of all, I never forget, so in essence - you won't either...second of all, Whoop-dee-doo~, and third of all, $200 is not gonna get me a beautiful backyard. So, I did what any other woman in my position would do, if she could, I drained his credit card and spent over $20,000 on the backyard and later, the 1st floor of the house. And I barely managed to get a swimming pool back there, for Rashid.

The party was a success! There are two reasons why I wanted to do this party. Everyone knows I'm tackling my first high-profile investigation. Now, what I'm about to say is gonna go against my husband's gag order - he can sue me....but this is my case, and these are my observations. Cases are won and lost through the court of public opinion, anyway.

First reason, I wanted to see Nick..see how he was doing. He works hard, and deserves something special after what he's been through. He's doing well, and looking good, as usual.

But, my main reason was that I wanted to see if anyone would be acting strangely at this party, around Nick, around me for that matter. I got an eyeful, believe me.

Sabien noticed it too.

What is up with Trinity? First off, why did she wear her hospital uniform to the party? The Valdes' were being awfully nice, but I could tell they were uncomfortable. She's not been herself lately, and frankly, no one knows what's up with her. I don't think her fiance, Keith, even knows. If he does, he won't speak up.

Trinity's always had some sort of problem, though...we all remember her wearing her dead sister's maternity outfit around for years, before she was finally convinced to buy some new clothes. I didn't want her to be the Medical Advisor, let alone birth my babies, but Sabien says it's her dream, and she's all we have. It turns out, she is a very good doctor. Girl knows how to birth them babies, let me tell you.

Later that evening, she damn near tackled Keith to the ground, almost knocking my table and chair over, to prove how happy she is to be with him. In front of my son, no less!! She's still in love with Nick, though...she can't fool me.

She only ate when Nick sat down to eat.

--And I also noticed Asya. She started hitting the punchbowl as soon as she got here. Knowing that we'd made our infamous "Funky Monkey" punch from back in our college days. *She called ahead of time to ask if we did!* She was all over Nick. Acting like she and he are the best of friends, when we all know that's not true. Asya and Trinity both, can't stand the fact that Nick chose Honey. But they would never admit it.

Sergio says that since Sierra was born, Asya's been drinking a lot...things are not so good between them, and he's asked her to leave. In fact, he wishes she would just get out of his life. She's a sloppy drunk, she's too dramatic, and he's not happy. He says he made a big mistake. He tried to get her to eat something, and she didn't want to, but no matter how drunk she was, she knew I was watching her.

She came over to the table to sit down, but I could tell, that was the last thing she wanted to do. She had this awful, drunken smirk on her face.

Later, I asked Sabien to come with me so I could tell him what I've been observing, we compared notes. We tried not to be too obvious, when we snuck into the house.

As everyone was leaving, I asked Seth to be the Lead Investigator..and check out my suspicions. I'm gonna have to rest up for my next great delivery. ((smiles))


My little family is growing!

Now we have lil' Sabien, Jr.! I thought for sure we'd have a little girl, this time...but, we're just as happy!

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