Sunday, May 6, 2007

Seth Guthrie - Simday 15

30 simyears old, (05/06/07):

This whole journal thing is new to me. I don't like the idea of sharing my life story for the whole world to see, but I was told that it's a requirement of everyone in this, I guess I have no choice.

After meeting and talking with my superior officer, Tomika Cunningham, I realized that I'm running this jail without any previous guidelines. I had to be ready to make up the rules as I went along.

I was glad to hear that as long as I have prisoners, I would be getting a stipend from the SimCity government to help maintain everything. After the prisoners are released, no more stipend. I told Tomika that I would be interested in opening up my own business to run on the side. She told me the necessary steps, and I feel much better knowing I'll have some steady income coming in.

What strikes me as funny is that everyone here calls this place a prison, but that's not really what it is. We don't house inmates on a full-time basis. We just punish sitizens for a couple of days and then release them.

The first prisoners to grace the halls were Angel Cameron and Ray Olshfski.

Neither of them had a pleasant experience, but Angel seemed to take being in jail a little harder than Ray. From the police report, I read that she was the one that started the fight in the first place. Just goes to show that bullies can be the biggest cowards.

Ray, on the otherhand, tried to stay in solitude.

At first I thought he had a big, angry chip on his shoulder, because of the gangsta way he came walking up in here...but, I later came to find that this was a protection device he uses.

My program's main goal is to promote respect and forgiveness. Maybe if these prisoners learned how to respect each other, there wouldn't be any incidences of assault. First, I had to get to know their personalities and introduce relationship-building techniques based on their differences.

At free-time, keeping them in the same room together, was risky. Angel took every opportunity to remind Ray who was boss.

But, I didn't let that ruin my plan...I made them eat together, play together, and Ray eventually tried to apologize to Angel for anything he'd done to upset her. She just wasn't having it.

I failed to get them to rectify their relationship, but I think Ray Olshfski is leaving with a better attitude. He gave me a hug before he was released.

I won't be surprised to see Angel in here again. I hope that Ray won't be joining her, but I'll definitely see her's only a matter of time.

After they left, I went about buying my small business.

Seth's Barbershop is now open!

Things are great. I also have a crush on a beautiful woman named Marisa Bendett. I hate to publicize that, but it's the whole truth. More about that in my next journal, I guess...

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