Thursday, December 24, 2009

I'm On Vacation...

So, my writing and posting on Simmington Hills has become a little sporadic again.  I go for long spurts and update a lot, then it trickles down to nothing for awhile...Well, here's my ramblings.  I've got a blog why not use it for myself sometimes, right? 

I've decided to take a small break from SH for a few reasons... I'm enjoying Facebook too much right now, that's one reason.  LOL!  A few of my friends know that FB is like crack to me...and I'm having trouble letting it go.  :P  I'm constantly waiting on energy refills and looking at the clock to collect my take; checking in to see who's attacked me and who's butt I've beaten down, not to mention my obsession with collecting things...and now that I've installed the new MW toolbar, I really can't let it go!  (All you Mafia Wars and Treasure Madness fans know what I'm talking about. Hee-hee.)

I've also been watching all the old seasons of The Office.  I had never watched this show before until I caught a re-run one night recently...I fell in love instantly.  I had heard how wildly popular it was and saw them get some awards on tv, but I didn't realize just how good the show actually is.  Now, I'm able to watch some of the old seasons and catch up, and I'm telling you...if you haven't seen it, you need to try it.  It is HILARIOUS!

I'm also enjoying spending time with my family.  December is a big month for us.  All of my siblings have birthdays in December.  There's four of us.  Me and my twin sister and two brothers.  I can't say if my parents planned it out this way or not; they deny it...but growing up, we always had to decide between getting Christmas gifts or birthday gifts.  LOL!

All of us currently live in the same city except for one brother, who is in town right now, visiting from Spain.  He rarely gets to visit, so it's great having all four of us in one place for a change, especially during this month of December.  Not to mention how happy my parents are.  We're the kind of family that loves to laugh, so we are constantly cracking on each other for fun, or playing board games, like Scrabble, and talking shit at the table.  Movie-watching and eating lots of great food together goes hand in hand with my tribe, so you can imagine all of us 'round' folks trying to squeeze a place on the couch to watch Dad's big screen tv.  While the surround sound rumbles in the pit of our chests because he's got the sound turned up extra high, "For effect." he says.  LOL!

Something that's coming up:  I'm going to be having major surgery next year, and I'm freaked out about it.  Maybe this is another reason why I want to just take it easy right now away from Sims 2 and writing.  This will be my first surgery, ever.  I'm not gonna lie, it's causing me some anxiety and stress, but I'm ok.  It's not a life-threatening issue, so no worries!  It may require me having to take another break from the hood, as well, to recuperate.  Although, I'm not sure yet what's going to happen.

I'm learning through some of my friends, that they can play Sims through stressful situations because it relaxes them...I'm the opposite.  LOL!  Go figure.

I'm not going to pressure myself to post an update.  I do that a LOT.  I gotta catch up, I'm so behind.  Riverdale will tell you.  The whole Marchon graduating college in Riverdale before his older brother, Rashid, comes to mind.  *smiles*  Rashid hasn't even graduated highschool yet!  So yeah, I pressure myself.

I also have to admit that I'm not feeling this next household on the calendar right now, either.  LOL!  This next household is the first time I've had trouble getting a feel of the Sims.  There's this groove I usually sink into while I play, I can't explain it...I'm just not feeling it with this family.  And I hate to sound shallow, but their skintones are really awful.  And I can't get past how bad they look.  And my Sims are not usually model perfect, either.  (But this family was a gift to me, so I didn't change anything about them so as not to offend the woman that made them. And I hope she doesn't read this and get offended, but we all have personal tastes.)  I should've changed them when I had the chance.  Now they're all moved in...the house is decorated, and I can't stop looking at their splotchy skin.  I would have to kill them off and start over, I think...but, I'm gonna go with the flow.  This is another challenge and I'm gonna write that they have a skin disorder, I've already planned to.  hehee!  You might ask:  Why don't you just move onto another household?  Sure, I could move onto another household, but I've got a calendar to stick to!  Hey, you guys know I'm compulsive like that.  LOL!

I hope, as this year winds down, all of you give an extra tight hug and share lots of smiles with the ones you love.  We take for granted how a simple smile can affect someone so positively.  It's a charity we can give to others that's totally free.  It's been a crazy year, hasn't it?  And life is just too short. 

--Halimah (aka green)


  1. Aww, enjoy your family, rest before the surgery and have a wonderful birthday-try not to be too wild!

  2. You do know that I will be calling you! LOL So you may be resting from the sims but you can not get away from me!!! ROFL I think I'm all giddy since the hubby is home. I'm so HAPPY!

    Man, I thought we were going to get one more update from ya, but I know how distressed you have been over your new household. I think you should try christinluv's skin adjuster, just change their skins in game.

    Have fun with your fam. Enjoy your brother before he leaves. You know, I still haven't gotten the name of that game, but I know you guys will find tons of things to do together. Have fun and be safe, and stay warm. We are going to get cold, girl.

  3. I'm the type who is relaxed by playing and blogging, which is why I update even when I'm super busy. But I understand not everyone is like that, so take ALL the time you need and enjoy your birthday and your break!

    Good luck for your surgery too!

  4. ditto riverdale on the skin adjuster.

    Sounds like a wonderful time with your whole family together and game playing. :) I like this time of year for that.

    Me and the husband are re-watching The Office, we've been fans since the first season. I just bought a shirt from for Christmas, they have great tees if you haven't visited them yet. The shrit I got the husband was the - assistant to the regional manager. Maybe there's something there that you might enjoy. (btw Im in no way connected, just a big fan of their tees)

    I hope everything goes well with your surgery, and you have a nice, relaxing time right with your family.

  5. Thanks everyone for your comments, it means a lot to me.

    You know...I looked at that skin adjuster and I'd have to clone the Sims and then kill off the original ones, if I understand it correctly. I'm not going to go through that hassle. (I hate killing Sims and don't wanna do it unless it's an ROS.) I've decided to go on and play them as they are.

    Funny thing is, I gave them a little playtime yesterday, and they're slowly starting to grow on me; blotchy skin and all. After all that moaning about them...LOL! Not all Sims can be perfect. And these Sims have very attractive faces, it's just the rest of their bodies are all ashy-looking and splotched up. But, I think I can overlook it as long as I think of it as a skin disorder.