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JMWise - October 2007

Maxine is 36, Jacques is 40, Christina is 14, and Charles is 12.

Eager and excited for his band's first gig at The Cage, Jacques picked up Maxsim VanHouten for another practice and audition. It was raining heavily and was very smelly outside the club. Jacques wondered why the club never cleaned up the growing garbage pile out front. They had redone the inside of the club, but not the outside. Don't they smell it? Jacques thought to himself. A huge turnout didn't look too optimistic on this night.

The Jazzmasters have been slated to play at The Cage 2 nights a week, at $400 per night; with Jacques and Maxsim VanHouten splitting the simoleans between them. Their first gig will start some time before the end of the simyear. Jacques was really wanting to find more members for the band first and needed a little more time.

The club agreed to increase their pay once they added new members. It was an agreement Jacques made clear from the start. He's been looking for 3 more members, a guitarist, a singer, and a drummer but it's been going slowly. Public auditions were held for 2 weeks, with disappointing results. Just as Jacques thought, only a few Sims showed up to audition on this rainy night.

This guy in the gray shirt sang in a whole different key than what they were playing in...truly disappointing.

One girl in black, begged Maxsim for a chance, but he didn't like her. She seemed too desperate, so he snubbed her off and kept on walking. The lady in blue, on the stage, was from Bluewater Village...Lisa Ramirez. Huge ambition, but a voice that could crack glass. She won't be getting a callback.

Jacques gave the girl in black a chance on the mic. Anna Sheik was her name...he probably did it because she was attractive. The spotlight seemed to love her. Turns out her singing was just ok. Nothing spectacular, but Jacques saw potential. She sang with so much emotion. He invited her to come by his house in the future, for singing lessons.
Keva Michels decided she'd give the guitar a go, even though she'd never had a lesson in her life. Keva said even though she's glad she tried it, she'll probably stick to ballet. Steve VanHouten had prompted her to tryout, saying "It's better to try and fail, than to have never tried at all." He's Maxsim's brother and Keva's teacher. Steve came out to show his support. He's been in favor of Maxsim joining a band since they moved here.

Maxine Wise adores Steve and his teaching style. He's got a very laid back but stern way with the kids, and since they both live within walking distance to the school, Steve walks Maxine home across the street and they chat sometimes on the sidewalk.

*On this particular day, a dog came up and sniffed, then growled at Maxine's butt! LOL!*

It cut the conversation short. Maxine was in a hurry anyways. She and Jacques were hosting a 25th Anniversary party for Simmington Hills that evening, and she had to get ready. The clock was ticking.

Christina and Charles had brought their own company home from school. Tyisha Masters and SayJ Cunningham were in the backyard playing.

Tyisha was still angry over the whole Rashid/Erline mess. Ahh, the games kids play. Her Mom had told her all about it. Sometimes playing games can work to your advantage and sometimes they can blow up in your face. Christina thought. And SayJ was right there to hear all about it. His brothers never told him anything about girls and stuff at home. But he knew something funky was going on because they'd talk about getting naked with them. Even though it sounded yucky, he was still eager to listen. When they'd catch him listening, Rashid and Marchon always shooed him away or threw something at him, or the worst...noogied him and make him promise to keep his mouth shut. But, this time he'll have an earful to tell Rashid when he got home. They won't exclude him this time 'cause Tyisha was saying a lot of curse words.

Christina could see that their kicky ball game wasn't going anywhere, she had to remind Tyisha about the Apple Valley lady that came to camp after the hurricane and sang that song. "You remember?" She asked Tyisha. "OHH Yeah!" Tyisha started singing the song, "Ehhh-verything will be ahhhl-right." She seemed ok after that. At least it shut her up for the time being.

Jacques had gone to the Fresh Market to pick up some tomatoes for the party at Maxine's request. Maxine wanted to impress her guests by serving fresh ingredients. Emerita Valdes isn't the only one that can throw a great party. At the same time, Maxine would be silently giving kudos to Sergio Spencer for planting such a successful crop this simyear. He'll be proud.

Jacques noticed they'd rearranged the store and told Kimberly Spencer how good everything looked. They've got such a fine selection of fruits and vegetables.
He asked Kimberly if she'd be coming to the party that night, but she told him no, she had to work the store and would be too exhausted to attend. She recently found out she was pregnant, but Sergio would be there.

As they were talking, Kimberly noticed Ray Wilsonoff came in and mentioned it to Jacques. "Oh! I see Lydia's fiance just came in. How's she doing anyway? I've got to call her. It's been awhile." She said smiling.
Erline Valdes just happens to pop into the store and heads directly for Ray, as Jacques was going over to say hello to him.
Ray couldn't help but groan to himself, this girl has been ringing his phone off the hook lately. He made a big mistake ever getting involved with her.
"Ray Wilsonoff, where have you been?! I've been trying to call you!" Erline grabs him and starts shaking the mess outta him, right in front of Ray's soon-to-be brother-in-law. Obviously, she hadn't heard the news or she didn't care.
She plants a big juicy kiss on him and all down his neck, much to Ray's shock and dismay. Jacques walks off in utter disbelief and anger at what he's just seen. So the rumors were true.

Ray pushes her off of him, but not fast enough in Jacques' eyes...he tells her she's way outta line. Jacques is waiting to hear more anger in Ray's voice. Give her some bass in that voice or something. But he didn't. He seemed far too caring of hurting Erline's feelings.

While Erline was straight going off on Ray, he was busy trying to lecture her in a calm and easy voice. It angered everybody within listening range. And believe me everybody was listening. She's whining and infuriated because he won't return her calls!? Are you kidding?! Even Orlando Centowski, Erline's first crush, was happy he never went for her. By the looks of things, she is trouble, like he first thought.

This girl has got Rashid Cunningham's head all up in the sky, The Mayor's son, who in turn has completely broken Tyisha Master's heart, which in turn has blown the lid off of Cameron Masters' temper. And Cameron and Sabien Sr. are like *this* (crosses fingers) - tight. The whole neighborhood has heard how upset Cameron is by now. Nobody, he doesn't care who they are, hurts his princess and gets away with it. He even stopped updating the website for a bit of time.

What is Ray's problem? Why won't he nip this whole thing in the bud? He's getting ready to marry Maxine's sister, for goodness sakes!

Then she goes and hits Ray up for some simoleans. He laughs this off bigtime and in the most pretentious way he says, "Didn't you get the memo? I HAVE NO MONEY." Well, Jacques is beside himself at this point. Does this chick seriously have the balls to be blackmailing Ray for having sex with her?!

Then as if all of this was a dream, Ray turns around and gives the most feeble sounding, "Hello" to Jacques.

Jacques should've smacked that grin right off his face. He wondered if Lydia Sagacious...his sweet, loving, kind and thoughtful sister-in-law even knows about this jerk she's getting ready to marry.

Jacques stomped his feet and told Ray that whatever is going on between the two of them better be revealed before he plans on stepping foot down that aisle next month. Ray lied and assured him that he and Lydia have talked, and that it's just a misunderstanding between him and Erline. She's only 18. She doesn't know how to control her emotions, everything's okay. All the while, Erline has this smug look on her face. As usual...

Jacques is just seething out in the car. He grabs the steering wheel and wrings it tightly as if it were Ray's neck. This whole situation puts him in a crazy position. He doesn't know what he's gonna do about it. As he sits there, he decides to go get a drink before he heads home...but he better make it fast. Maxine needs those tomatoes.

Back at the house, the rain has stopped. And Ray peeks through the door to see if Jacques is there. Maybe he put his car in the garage. He's angry that Jacques made the situation worse by yelling at him in front of Erline, but he understands why. He just needs to explain everything to Jacques so that he'll keep it quiet from Maxine and Lydia.

"Heya, Uncle Ray!"

Ray turned around and is greeted by Christina, who he didn't even see shoveling out in the front yard, in his haste to get to the front door.

Christina got the sense that something wasn't quite right with her Uncle Ray, and usually would've let him wait inside, but something told her to say goodbye to him.

"Mom and Dad are out running some errands right now for the party. Are you coming?" Ray nodded to affirm. "Well, they'll be back soon, why don't you come back later?"

Right away, he wondered if Christina had heard any of the rumors.  He left well enough alone, but only for a moment.
He came right back - AGAIN - and stood there for a minute before walking off for good. Geez! Nervous, are we?!!

Maxine took out all the ingredients she needed to make her tomato, basil and mozzarella salad. It's so good, maybe she'll submit it to the Culinary Group.

Everything done, she placed the platters in the fridge and sat down for a cold refreshing beverage until the guests arrived.

Little did she know that this would be the calm before the storm...

Simmington Hills 25th Anniversary snuck up on everyone, pretty much. Maxine Wise thought it would be foolish not to celebrate it. 25 simyears of existence is a milestone, and all the hard work that has been put into building this hood took lots of planning by the very Founders she's invited to her home. Everysim has a part to play in this hood's success. Even the sims Maxine doesn't particularly care for. Marisa Bendett springs to mind.

Marisa has become The Hills' top socialite despite her gaudy appearance and salty language. Party-hopping and party-planning has become Marisa's way of living. Not only is she a column writer, but she also writes THG, The Hills Gossip column, in Simmington-Times newspaper. Maxine has to be honest, she's hoping for a favorable review of her party. Her social reputation is now at the mercy of a girl she once despised, although she plans to give Marisa a personal apology for her behavior the last time they saw each other. Even though she's not expecting one in return.

And Marisa was her usual colorful self. She was working the crowd for gossip and information.

Here she is shaking down the 1st Lady for a raise in her fiance's, Seth Guthrie, salary at the jail.

And again, cornering Ray Wilsonoff to get to know him better. She just did a story on him in Simday's Paper ("Debt-Ridden Sim Receives Mysterious Check"), but she feels there's more to him than meets the eye; not to mention how extremely handsome he is.

Maxine stood by and watched Marisa in action and waited for the perfect time to approach her.

"Hi Marisa, I'm glad you could make it. I hope you're enjoying yourself? I wanted to congratulate you on your engagement to Seth Guthrie."

"I was wondering how long it was gonna take you to come over here, Maxine. I'm not here to have any beef with you. I don't need your snooty attitude tonight."

"Now, wait a minute! You're in my home, Marisa. That's not why I came over here!" Maxine pointed at Marisa. If anything, this joke of a woman should be coming to her.

"I just wanted to tell you how sorry I am for judging you without getting to know you first. I had no right to do that. But I think the situation worked out perfectly for you...I mean look at you now. Your position at Simmington-Times is just perfect for YOU! Congratulations on that!"

Marisa smiled through clenched teeth, and accepted Maxine's apology. She knew it took a lot for that snooty bitch to say all that. And why did she put such emphasis on the job being perfect for me? Marisa wondered, realizing it still mattered what this woman thought of her. It's the truth, shit, the job is perfect. Marisa shrugs it off and goes to turn up the music.

Jacques made sure to pull Lydia aside and whisper to her that he had something to talk to her about later, the party wasn't the right time or place for that. He hopes she will make some time for him before the wedding.

Of course Ray saw this and came up to Jacques telling him to stay outta his business. He was gonna take care of...

In mid-sentence, he was silenced.

Tomika Cunningham chatted with Keith Dalton about the beautiful renovations on the Mayor's Mansion, and congratulated him again on his Oscar Winning Design award. While the Michels' need to go get a room obviously...they almost fell onto the couch with all that kissing and making out!

Mayor Cunningham was quite pleased with the party, and was enjoying the beautiful home that Maxine has. He was increasingly concerned over Cameron Masters' drinking, though. Cameron slung back quite a few brewskys at this party.

"Come on, man...lay off the beer Cam. You just had a heart attack. I know you're upset but you don't need to drink this much, it's not gonna solve anything. You know how kids are Cam, that's why they're kids." Sabien's pleadings didn't do anything to help. He just couldn't find the words to help Cameron. His son had made a decision. He wasn't gonna apologize for it.

"We're cool right? You still my dawg? I mean, what's up? Come on back into the party, man. If Trinity sees you in here, she's gonna flip out."

"Yeah, yeah...I'll be in there in just a minute. We're cool, Sabien, just let me get one more. I'm fine." Cameron is already a little drowsy and needed help getting up.

Lydia was hoping that Jacques would talk to her. He seemed upset, and all of a sudden Ray wants to go home. What is going on? She wondered. (Everyone's so wrapped up in their own issues, they missed the fact that little Charles Wise grew up while the party was going on.)
Jacques kept his mouth shut and listened to Cameron's ramblings. Lydia will have to wait another time but she was so busy making plans for the wedding, she wasn't sure when that time would be.

Is there anymore beer in here? She asked herself.

"SMUSTLLLLLEEEE!!" Someone yelled from the other room. It sounded like Marisa.

The popular song started, "The Cha Cha Slide" *Please take a listen to get into the party mood, too!*

Everyone scrambled into the room.

"Back that thang up, 'Mika!" Cameron shouted.

And she did. She backed it aaall the way up and they were gettin' down!

Music: 'How low can you go? Can you go down low? How low can you go?"

Lydia tried to keep up as she looked at Cameron and Tomika's moves. Honey Michels was in her own zone. :P
I turned away from the computer for a split second. Honest.

Then I heard it.


The commotion cleared the floor.


I started counting heads immediately. Who the hell is missing?!

TOMIKA AND CAMERON?!!!! What the hell happened?!?! I'm wondering to MYSELF.

Tomika is dusting Cam's ayazzzz all over the place. LOL!

Maxine looks on in horror. She's glad she doesn't have a coffeetable, otherwise it'd be broke by now.

Then Cameron's got the nerve to jump up like he won that fight. Hmmph! He didn't win that fight. No way.

Someone must've called the police.
Cameron scrambled to apologize to Tomika. He was sooo drunk. He started crying.

Sabien made sure his wife is ok. He's more than outraged, but he's trying to hold it together.

Cameron stumbles out the front door and down the steps, hoping to avoid anybody, but was stopped by the officer coming in. He asked Cam if he was okay, but he just mumbled something and kept on walking. He jumped into a nearby cab.

Officer Dorian Kauker cleared the room and made everybody go home.

I'm still wondering what the hell happened!?! Aren't you?

Marisa swears she saw the whole thing, and you can get the juice in her THG column (scroll to the bottom).

The next day, Maxine goes to help Christina get ready to leave for Riverdale's Camp Kick It.

"So you ready to go?" She asked Christina. "I'm not ready for you to go."

This will be the first time her daughter has ever been away from her.

"Well, I'm trying to figure out what I'm going to wear. I think I'll just wear a t-shirt and shorts."

"Why don't you wait 'til you get to the camp? It's a little chilly outside." Maxine suggested.

"I won't feel like changing clothes; there's no telling what we're gonna do once we get there."

"Leave your jewelry here, I don't want you to lose it." Maxine quickly wiped her watering eyes.

"I want you to be careful while you're there and never leave the group to go off by yourself, ok?"

They took a cab to the airport. Jacques had to be at The Cage for some reason, so Maxine made sure the pilot knew how important his cargo was. Christina's her only daughter that plane safely!

"Call me when you get there, honey!"

Maxine and Charles piled back into the cab to go finish cleaning up last night's mess and crawl back into bed.


  1. OMG! Talk about a party! Why did they start fighting, did Cameron's drunk hands warneder while they were dancing?

    Alot really went on in this update. And poor Erline, I think everyone judges her without getting to know her.

    Let Ray and Lydia get married in peace. He's over Erline so don't make things worse! LOL

  2. What a jam-packed update! Erline's caused a lot of drama for being only 18, hasn't she?

    If Marisa can be believed, I probably would have been pretty angry at Cameron too, I think!

    I love how they're all wearing their SH t-shirts at the party. Nice touch!

  3. I couldn't believe the scenarios the game threw at me during this rotation. Soo much happened!Erline and Ray both just showed up at the store unplanned, and Ray truly acted nervous after this incident, walking back and forth in front of their house like he did.

    Riverdale, the reason for the fight is posted in The Hills Gossip column in Simday's paper on the website. Everyone thought maybe Cameron put his hands on her, but that's not what happened. Marisa Bendett claims to have seen everything. She's such a gossip.

    Sullivan, I'm still trying to understand Erline's need for attention and affection. I think it stems from her mother, Emerita. Em's always throwing parties for attention. She has a huge need to feel included. Maybe Erline takes that from her?

    Thanks! Those t-shirts are the 1st and only CC I've ever made in Bodyshop. They used to be sold at the Welcome Center Giftshop in the old City Hall Building, when the hood first started. I thought they would be appropriate for the occasion.

  4. Wow, poor Ray, but then again-he was raised better than to dilly dally with little girls :P

  5. LOL! I know AV! But ever since he got to the Hills, he's been fawning over every teenaged girl in the hood! I've been trying to keep it hush-hush, but Erline won't allow me to. That girl is persistent!