Monday, August 10, 2009

Cunningham vs. Masters - October 2007

City Hall - Courthouse
223 W. Magnolia St.
The Honorable Mayor Sabien Cunningham, Sr., Presiding

Case #001 - Cunningham vs. Masters

Issue:  Fight occurred at the Simmington Hills' 25th Anniversary Party held at the JMWise residence on 81 W. Cedar St., Willow County.

Mayor Cunningham is having a conflict of interest trying this case. The law specifically states: $500 - Public Fighting (plus offenders spend two nights in jail.) But his wife is involved. A few Sims, including Tomika, have brought to his attention that the law states, "public fighting". They're taking to issue that this fight was on private property, not out in public. Others laugh at the semantics and want to see the 1st Lady and Cameron Masters sit in jail for two nights. What do you think? Will you be the jury in this case?

Sources:  JMWise - October 2007 and The Hills Gossip Column, Vol. 5 (Archives)

I was dancing and having a good time with Cameron. I knew he'd been drinking heavily, but so was everybody. He just had a few more than everybody else. I was totally not expecting him to say to me, "You know your son ain't shit right now." I was already heated over the situation. Cameron's been acting like a totally different Sim since Rashid and Tyisha broke up. We tell Rashid all the time, he's got plenty of time for girls...get an education first. But, he's a young boy...he's got hormones and he likes the ladies, and obviously they like him. I'm not mad at my son. Cameron shouldn't be either, they're just kids. And Cameron used to take care of Rashid when he was little! That's what got me. He's like an uncle to my boys! How you gonna say that about your family?! It just hit me the wrong way and I snapped. I went off. Yes, I made the first move, but I'm a mother defending her child. Don't mess with my kids.

Cameron Masters' Testimony:

I had way too much to drink that night. I was also on medication for my heart attack, and I'm sure that had a bad affect on me. I'm still on medication and I realize that mixing alcohol with those drugs causes me to act out of character. I apologized right away to Tomika and later even Sabien. They both said they accepted my apology, but I know that it's gonna take some time. I even called Rashid and apologized to him. This whole thing has turned out to be a nightmare. Yes, I said those horrible words to Tomika. No, I didn't mean a bit of it. I love them, I love Rashid as if he was my own son. I over-reacted because I thought Rashid and Tyisha had been intimate with each other. I overheard my daughter on the phone, and shouldn't have been listening in, but that's what I do. I'm an over-protective father. Instead of asking Tyisha what she meant, I took things out of context and reacted to what I thought I heard. I've been angry this last month over a misunderstanding. Tyisha was hurt that Rashid and Erline hooked up, not her and Rashid. I apologize to the Cunninghams again. I also apologize to the readers for my behavior.

We ask the jury to please vote on the decision in this case: *Community Service will be 1 month cleaning other Sim's homes.


1.  Community Service
2.  No punishment, they've both apologized.
3.  2 nights in jail, plus a $500 fine.


With 63% of the vote, both defendants are ordered to perform 1 month of Community Service.

- At the mercy of the Court, both defendants must wear the sanctioned Willow County Jail orange uniforms while performing their Community Service.

- Tomika Cunningham will take one month, and Cameron Masters will take another month. The defendants must report to as many households listed within that month.

- Using the Calendar, the defendants must choose any month within the timeframe specified (Simday 26, which lasts...March 2008-February 2009).

The remaining votes were as follows:

No punishment, they've both apologized. - 25%
Two nights in jail, $500 fine. - 13%

Court is adjourned.  

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  1. I agree with the community service! The jury did an awesome job deliberating.