Saturday, December 1, 2007

Jacques Wise - Simday 20

30 simyears old, (12/01/07):

Our first night in town and I start a fire in our brand new place!

It's a good thing Maxine was working in her school office or else she never would've let me hear the end of it.

I cleaned up everything really well, so she never knew...the fireman even helped me re-stain the wood floor!


I get a glimpse of my wife in the early mornings as she shuffles off to school and I'm up studying music composition before I have to leave for work.

I'm a Piano Tuner right now. Been playing piano my whole life. Started as a kid at my late aunt's house, just plunking around, but the sounds started making sense to me, and I could hear something on the radio and play it. I became my family's dinner-hour entertainment....and loved the attention.

I always knew I had talent, I just didn't have any money to hone that talent. Now that I have my own baby grand, I plan on reaching the top of my Music career and possibly opening up a jazz club. SH doesn't have one, and GameTime is too sporty for jazz enthusiasts.

There is nothing like taking a long bath while playing Ramsey Lewis and EWF's Sun Goddess,Click Here to Listen, in the background...Nothing like it.

I am always so inspired when I hear that song. Take a listen and see if you are too.

I always talk to my son about the crazy jazz piano licks in Sun Goddess, especially towards the end, that can take you beyond the stratosphere if you let them. He understands me, I can see it in his eyes. He's gonna love music just as much as I do.

My daughter's not left out, either...I use her computer to write lyrics and then print them out with a special software program that turns lyrics and music into sheet music. heh. Christina's more interested in princesses and fairy godmothers, right now.

I sometimes get caught up in a new song I've written, and all of sudden hear loud cheers over my's just my wife, going crazy. She's my number one fan. Last night, she threw her panties over by the piano and they got caught on the lid and just dangled there. Heh. Session over. We had music of our own to make after that.

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