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NOTES - Politics - Simday 16

From time to time, I receive mail on my desk that I'd like to share with you. One letter is good, and one letter is not so good.

Welcome to the SUN Core 2008!!

From: Apple Valley
Sent:  Mon
To: Sabien Cunningham

Welcome to the SUN Core!

We're excited that you're going to join us this term and we can not wait to meet you!

Looking forward to working with you!

Ayanna Kent


I am truly honored to be working on SUN Core 2008 as a Representative. The SUN Core helps to UNITE hoods by organizing events, most popularly the annual Food Expos, writing articles, and keeping the hoods connected in communication through our SUN board forums. If any of our sister hood affiliates, who are without representation on SUN Core, would like to share any ideas they have in continuing our efforts to unite neighborhoods and build friendships across the borders, please contact me by email.


This next letter came from Sergio Spencer, our Culinary Advisor and one of the "6" Founders. I thought I would respond publicly in order to dissuade any doubts about my office, and the SimCity Bank office, which is managed by Nick Michels.


First of all, Sergio, I do not take it kindly that you chose to write this letter in anger at Nick. And I say this as your friend. I know that you two have had long running issues with each other. I only wish that you could find a way to 'agree to disagree.'

However, my strongest issue is that you are insinuating that I have made Nick and his sports bar, an exception to the law! And that is not the case!

This was an oversight on me and Nick's part. We both forgot that he had not filed an application. He has filed one as of today, and his application has been approved by me.

On the 3rd Period Budget Report - Simday 15:

Nick paid employment tax on two extra employees. Do you think for a minute that he would shell out $10,000 in taxes if he was trying to be underhanded with the law? I think not!!

In all fairness, I appreciate your bringing this to my attention. I do need to amend the law because businesses cannot - absolutely cannot - be running and making money, without a valid BC. So, as of today, Simday 16, the law will reflect that no business can run without a valid BC. And if it occurs, a $5,000 fine is due within the current period. If not paid within the period, then jail is necessary until the fine is paid.

Building Renovations on Residential Lots

We are proud to welcome our new architect/residential building contractor Lars Larsson on Simday 16. The official immigration announcement won't be made for a few simdays. Check Simday's paper for the official announcement.

Within this 4th period, you will be seeing some major changes take place around Simmington Hills in the Willow County area. Lars will be building residential homes and filling in a lot of our vacant areas. It is my joy to see the neighborhood take shape and be as beautiful as I always dreamt it would be.

In the matter of our remaining Founder's rental leases being up this period, new homes are being sought out to buy. Lars's immigration to SH is coming at the perfect time. There are some issues that may arise, however, that have never been addressed. I would like to address those issues at this time:

If you own a home but the mortgage is not paid off yet, you may not renovate the structure of the home in any way. In other words, no adding additional floors or rooms to the building structure. (This does not mean that you can't build a storage room/garage in your backyard if you want to because this does not alter the structure of your home. You may also add a pool and landscaping.)

The building structure of the home cannot be altered, that is all.

*The Administration reserves the right to demolish a home at anytime, with enough notice. This is if there is an extreme need to make way for re-zoning, faulty building materials, or hazardous occurrences take place. Homes with mortgages paid off will secure proper sales negotiations.*

If you own your home outright, and you have paid off your mortgage, you may renovate your home any way you see fit. You must pay a $5,000 building renovation tax to the Administration before construction on a large renovation is to start. This tax may be adjusted in the future. This tax must only be paid if the renovation is a large one, such as a room/floor addition. Knocking down a wall or two, removing some stairs, windows/doors, etc., does not count towards a large renovation.

I must also take this time to release this very important information:

As of today, Simday 16, my wife and I received notice from the Termite Inspectors that our current home on 98 E. Cedar St. is infested with termites all through the foundation of the home, and the damage cannot be repaired. The house has been ruled uninhabitable and will be bulldozed. We must relinquish the land to the Administration and move within 24 simhours.


Lastly, there have been several complaints coming into my office about the Cedar Street Two Flat Apartments, and the interior design being left as-is by previous renters, making it difficult for current renters to improve or change. Most of these renters state that it is costly to decorate their apartments when they have to move out in 15 simdays. After reading our new In Style Magazine inserts, some people complained that these recipients had to pay for their designs only to have to move and leave their hard-earned walls and floors behind. They don't think this is fair. Add this last one to all the complaints, a lot of our renter sims don't like the gold-flecked mirrors in these apartments, either.

After much thought, and after looking into our budget, I have decided to renovate each two-flat apartment into a neutral color-scheme for approximately $1,573 per each apartment. Every single apartment will get the same renovation at no cost to the renter. (The final costs will be reflected on our 4th and 5th period budgets.) I'm stretching this project over a 2 period time frame because we just left 106 E. Cedar and will not return until 5th period. For any walls or flooring you may have spent money on, you will be reimbursed for that if you show a receipt. You may decorate around this neutral color pallette any way you choose, but the walls and floors must never be changed and the mirror stays. Sorry folks. Those mirrors are in honor of my wife's mother, Carmela, who had a gold-flecked, floor to ceiling mirror in the home she grew up in. After I'm out of office, retired, dead, whatever...whoever comes after me can change those mirrors, but not until then. Please understand.

From this day on, the In Style magazine featured designer can only design rooms for homeowners, not renters.


Another letter in the Mailbox:


Stacy, thanks so much for writing.

The reason our Immigration office only formally introduces immigrants from other neighborhoods, is because Townies and Downtownies are universal. What I mean know that saying, "Every Sim has a twin somewhere in SimCity?" Well, it's true! Names may be different, sometimes, but most times there is a Stacy Tse in every single hood out there. Freaky situation, right? Well, it's no excuse not to formally introduce you and welcome you into the hood.

So, from this day forward...all Townies and Downtownies will be written in on the Immigration page in Simday's Paper, by write-in only. That way our printer doesn't have to make up an Immigration card each time.

--Judge Sabien Cunningham, Sr., Spokes Sim

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