Saturday, July 21, 2007

Sergio Spencer - Simday 15

41 simyears old, (07/21/07):


Special Note to Readers: With respect to my former fiance, Asya Rasmussen, I do not attempt to slander her name in this journal because she is no longer here to defend herself. This entry is only a presentation of MY version of the events, as they occurred to me.


After Sierra was born, it was like a stick of dynamite had been lighted under my *ss. I started trying to whip things into motion. My first task was to make a clean break from Asya.

Nothing had changed between us...we were still arguing alot. When I broke it off with her and told her she'd have to move out and leave Sierra with me, as you can probably imagine, she didn't take it well.

All this did was give her license to drink more. Day in and day out, Asya thought she was hiding it from the world, but everybody knew. She'd go downstairs in our basement and drink constantly.

Her best friend, Honey, tried to talk to her...and even the Nanny told her that she'd call Social Services on her for child neglect, if she didn't pull herself together.

Apparently, this was the straw that broke the camel's back. Asya went into a severe depression. The mere thought of anyone saying that she was a bad mother, sent her into a whirlwind of self-doubt. She constantly asked me if I thought that Sierra hated her. I responded that she doesn't hate you...she just doesn't know you.

Asya never stopped drinking, but she would try to spend moments with Sierra. After Sierra's birthday, Asya did her hair with lots of bows and ribbons. I told her it looked really pretty. We could tell Sierra liked it too.

Unfortunately, this was the last night Sierra or I, saw her mother. The next sequence of events were a combination of my testimony and the concluded investigation as told to me by Detectives Cunningham and Guthrie:

I got ready for work, and left Asya in her bedroom with Sierra. After I had left to go work at the store, Asya had put Sierra to bed. Again, she went downstairs where she went through several bottles of beer. She must've gotten into the pool, where she passed out from extreme intoxication and exhaustion, and ultimately drowned.

Among Asya's belongings, I found this polaroid picture and turned it over to the SHPD right away, it's like she was keeping it as some sort of trophy piece:

Somehow, before we moved from Cedar Two Flats, Asya had gotten into Nick and Honey's apartment below, and tainted his wine with poison. She is responsible for not only almost killing Nick and destroying her friendship with Honey, but also tarnishing Dr. Trinity Higgins' reputation as a doctor. The poor doctor has had a nervous breakdown from all the rumors and confusion regarding her upcoming indictment. To this, all I can say is I'm terribly sorry.

I buried Asya at Simhead Cemetery. Thoughts of how and why flooded my mind, but I realize that she is the only one that can truly answer those questions.

I've since moved on with my life. I'm proud to say that me and Sierra are now extremely happy and healthy. At the age of 40, I finally fell in love for the first time ever! Kimberly Tse walked into my store surprisingly, on that fateful night.

We got a chance to talk in person, after all this time. She hadn't changed a bit. After the burial, I invited her over to the house. She and I fell in love! We got married right away, and she's been me and Sierra's Angel ever since. Within a day, I found my dream farm and the love of my life...we moved out of Cedar Homes and into Spencer Farm.

To soften the blow of the move, Kim bought Sierra a puppy. We named him Bandit because he looks like he's wearing a mask.

I've never seen Sierra bolt out of the room as fast as she did - on all fours - chasing after Bandit! She looks happier than I've ever seen her.

Spencer Farm here we come!


I realize some of you may think I've moved on too fast. Some of you may even joke about how much Kim looks like Asya...I've heard all of it already. It's simology to gossip. I would just like to say that I had to think about my little girl, in all this. She's never gonna know her mother, and I had to give her a better life. Now I am. I've given her a whole new world.

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