Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tyisha Masters - Simday 25

12 simyears old, Fall 2007:

NOTE from the author: Obviously Tyisha looks older than her age above, but we all know how this game is. She's a teenager now, so I'm just going with the flow.

I've always done what my Daddy said. I get good grades in school. I do my chores.

So when I had my birthday, I asked my Daddy if I could have a boyfriend. He asked me who I liked. I told him, Rashid Cunningham, and he smiled a little bit, but then he frowned. "Doesn't he have a girlfriend already?" I said, "Nope." My Daddy gave me this smirk look. I just wrinkled up my nose, and jerked my neck back; giving him a bigger smirk look. Ignoring the fact that Rashid's supposedly in love with some chick named Erline. She doesn't even matter in this equation.

Who's Erline, anyway? I know Erline, don't get it twisted, but I'm asking because who is she? She don't matter. Her Momma works with my Dad, and they used to live above my parents before I was born. She's a fat girl. She didn't grow up with us...well, not with me. I've liked Rashid since we were little. And since Mayor Cunningham and my Dad are best friends, I thought Daddy would be happy about it. So I asked him if I could invite Rashid over. I want Rashid to see the 'new me', and he won't be able to say no. Better to have him over when my Daddy's home, so that my Dad ain't tripping. He's gonna be my husband one day, so they need to have a good relationship.

Mrs. Tyisha Cunningham. That's cute.

I felt Rashid checking me out the minute he got here.

And I knew he was feeling me. 'Cause I'm cute, and he's cute, and I'm sho' feelin' him.

When my Dad wasn't looking, we had our first kiss. Sho' did.

I heard a big loud, "Ewwww!" - my bonehead brother. I didn't care. Plan A was done.

We're in love. And then he asked I knew he would. He asked me to be his girl. So I was like, "Yeah f'sho'!"

I put on some of my Dad's music then. Careful not to scratch the record. The music was banging and we danced. Rashid's got some moves! He's good.

It was going so good; we was jammin' and getting our groove on, until...

What was my Daddy doing?! LOL!! He was trying to look cool but it was NOT working. You can see that I was not liking this interruption at all. I forgot my next move, I was getting ready to drop it like it was hot, but instead my legs got stiff. LOL! My Daddy was making things real uncomfortable.

We had to stop and just look at him. He was seriously making a fool out of himself. And I was totally embarassed.

I left and went to the bathroom. I could hear my Dad telling Rashid he don't want his baby girl getting mixed up in no drama, he wants peace, so Rashid's gonna have to handle his business with this other girl if he wants to keep seeing me.

Or else he'll come down so hard on Rashid, he'll think a bomb blew up on him.

All of a sudden Rashid must've seen how serious he was, 'cause all I heard is, "Aww, no Uncle Cam' this and that...sure Unc', no doubt Unc'."

I'm gonna have to tell Rashid, he gon' have to drop that Uncle business, 'cause I sho' ain't his cousin.

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  1. Congrats to Tyisha, that's always a special time in any sims life. It sucks that it has to come with drama, poor thing.