Thursday, April 16, 2009

Stacy Masters - Simday 25

44 simyears old, Fall 2007:

I'm happy that my husband is ok and back home with us. His heart attack made me realize how short life is. It was truly a close call. Seeing him laid up in the hospital also reminded me that he's not a young man anymore. I mean, he's not OLD but he's getting close. I'm glad I was there to help fight for him.

Dr. Trinity Dalton was extremely wonderful to me during his hospital stay. She explained everything so clearly and gave me a great cookbook to help Cam's diet. I think Cameron still gets these crazy ideas in his head that I'm gonna haul off and slap her or something. But, I know that if she ever gave him a chance...I think he'd take it in a heartbeat. That's just how I feel. Men think with their youknowwhats first...errhmm, and not their brains.

No matter. There was no catfight. Trinity and I got along very well with each other. She seems to be a very understanding person, and I like that. Honey Michels had told me how Trinity was there for her when Nick got poisoned.

I wish my boss was more understanding. I lost my Athletic job during this ordeal. They wouldn't cut me any slack for taking off work to be at the hospital with my husband! Can you believe that?! Forget that. I don't need them. So I decided to go after my life's dream, and found a job in the Dance Career. I've always wanted to be a world class ballet dancer. I may not ever make that goal (I am getting up in age), but I'm gonna have fun trying.

The thought of losing my spouse made me think about my kids...during all this, I just couldn't imagine my son growing up without knowing his father. Kids grow fast, and he's a handsome young man now, and the spitting image of his father.

Tyisha is a teenager now and she's all about art and photography. We bought her a camera for her birthday, and she snaps pictures of us all day long. If I see another flash go off, I might just lose it. LOL! But, I'm so happy she's found something that interests her. I hope she will stay focused on her goals and not so much on her new boyfriend...yeah. She's got one. And although I'm happy with who she's picked, I'm a little concerned with how deep they're falling for each other. But, I'll let her tell you who it is. She supposedly snatched the boy from somebody else, and there's a little drama in school stirring over it.

Oops, well I guess I kinda let it out of the bag; she thinks about him all the time so it's not my fault.  Sorry, Ty.  Rashid's a cutie, but Tyisha runs the show. That boy's got no chance. heh.

Now, I've got to think about this new baby coming. Yes, I'm pregnant again. I'm thrilled about it, too. I don't care that we don't have any space. We'll make space. I wanted one more child. As long as he/she is healthy, I'm good.

When I told Cameron about it, he just sat silently..stunned, I guess. I know he's happy deep down, we worked hard on this baby. LOL! I can leave him alone now.

I keep telling him, a happy wife means a happy life. So give me what I want and everything will be all good.

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