Sunday, February 1, 2009

Vivienne "Viv" Everett - Simday 25

30 simyears old, Fall 2007

Food is universal. Everyone speaks its language. For a journalist on her way to the top, this is golden.

My shyness doesn't hinder me in getting the job done, because it takes everything I can muster to make myself appear outgoing and talk to Sims with confidence. Before an interview, I always sit and imagine what kind of hors'deurves I could serve.

My husband is the same way! We are two Sims that enjoy each other's company and could live peacefully in our own little world, but that's not the way life is.

My husband, who's more shy than me, can spend countless hours at the pond out, with no Sim contact whatsoever and be just fine.

But I can't do that. I have to be in Sims' faces all the time, getting the story, getting the facts.

So, I use food to get over my shyness, by creating little pieces of edible art. It's a nice way to break the ice.

These little treats have a great way of helping me make new friends. I shared some of my recipes with Kim Spencer. She seemed eager to learn some fancy food tricks, so I gave her some of my favorites. I think it's kind of foul how her husband is this fantastic chef, yet he doesn't teach his wife how to cook. She and I have become really close in a short amount of time. Not to mention the great working relationship my husband has made with her to sell fish in her Fresh Market.

Kim's shy too, we have that in common. We've got many things in common, she and I. She just found out she's pregnant, and can't stand the way food smells right now. Neither can I, so we just sit in silence. It's not strange to us, sitting in's comforting.

I've been able to meet all kinds of Sims since we moved in. I'm wondering who makes this town tick. And I'm finding out slowly but surely. My house has literally been a revolving door.

Honey Michels came by talking about her new group, the Green Lipz Organization. I jumped on that. I have 4 top interests, serious MAXED OUT interests, and Environment is one of 'em, so I told her to count me in. We got our yellow compost bin, and we're helping the Spencers keep their farm fertilized.

What else are we going to do with all these leaves? Better to help than to harm the environment by burning them all.

Finally, my last visitor was a sight to remember. I met Marisa Bendett. Of all the Sims I'd be working with, why her?! She's got a mouth on her, and I hate the way she dresses. I'm wondering if anybody ever told her that was cute? It's not. (One of my other maxed interests is Fashion. Marisa's 'fashion' makes me sick to my stomach.) Not that mine is all that fancy, but it's certainly appropriate for where I live.

And to top that outfit off, she tells me about this guy she's infatuated with. She's been following him around, lately..and thinks he's very attractive, but wonders what his deal is. She saw him at a club and thinks he has a thing for teenagers, I don't know. She thinks there's a story there. Not to mention the chance to get to know him. (I thought she was engaged?) Anyway, I told her to move with caution. We don't want any lawsuits at the paper.


Chuck asked me out on a date! I don't know why. He hardly ever wants to do anything outside of fishing, except for his nature hikes or birdwatching. Isn't that strange for a Pleasure Sim? Well, I think he wanted to celebrate selling our first 5 fish crates to Kim. He took me out to the Cedar St. Bar & Grill.

It was really nice! The food was good, but it took everything to hold it down. My thoughts were averted when the pipe burst on the sink in the kitchen!

The chef was running around yelling and cursing at the staff, and the staff didn't know what to do. My Chuck calmly got up and saved the day! He fixed the sink within a few minutes! I knew he was handy, but I didn't know he had it like that! That was my opportunity to excuse myself to the ladies room.

Do you know they even paid Chuck $100 for doing it? We got our meal free also, that night. How you like them apples? I figured we have made a good choice in living here. The Sims are a bunch of characters so far. Nice bunch, though.

On our way home he said to me, "You know that felt pretty good!" I said, "What?" He said, "Tinkering could be something I could do on the side to make some extra money, since we'll have to get ready for the baby." I said, "What baby?!!" He said smiling, "The one you're carrying."

I'm trying to figure out how he knew?! Those wood walls in our house must be thinner than they look, huh.

I've been bracing myself for Chuck's response to the news. He's never wanted kids. Ever. Now, I guess I don't have to worry about it. This must be his way of telling me that he's okay with it.

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