Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cameron Masters - Simday 20

46 simyears old:

I'm torn between two loves again.

This time it has to do with my career...not Stacy and Trinity, like some of you were probably thinking. Gotcha!

I love being the webmaster of Simmington Hills' website, and archiving all the history that goes on here, but I also love being a Scientist. I hardly have the time to formulate theories and concoctions because my Archive Librarian job keeps me so busy.

Because of this, I've decided to write a book. What better way to combine my love of the two. The book will be a scientific study on the possibilites of ghosts. I've titled it, simply, "Are Ghosts Among Us?"

I've nearly completed it, but I have to do one final step: stay for awhile in Simhead Cemetery. I don't know how long yet. It depends on what I see. I just hope Stacy will go for it.

For now, I'm working hard and enjoying my family. That means my cats too. I'm in love with my cats. I'm the only one in the house that takes care of them. Stacy couldn't go near the litter because of her pregnancy. And yes, we got another one. His name is Patches. And let me tell you...he is one journal entry all by himself! This dude has so much personality, you have to see him in action to believe it.

He and Princess got along right away and started playing together.

You may remember Princess was born to Judge Sabien and Tomika's cats, Pepper and Snowflake...essentially making her the heir to the 1st cats of Simmington Hills. *smiles* bare with me, now...

See, this is Princess. She looks just like her father Snowflake.

In fact, Sabien brought the boys by one day to play with Tyisha, and brought Pepper and Snowflake too, so they could see how well Princess had grown.

So, the way I see it. We mate her with Patches, they have some beautiful kittens, and we continue her legacy on through the generations. It's pretty important stuff, since we're the ones starting this town. I may even register her breed, so it will really be official. *That reminds me, I need to get her a collar!*


Sabien is my best friend. I don't know how the dude does it, but he never lets anyone shake him up. He recently got caught in the middle of a ruthless campaign to slander his name and his office. That new gossip magazine, THG, started it all. I wonder if we'll ever find out who's behind it? You can believe I'm digging into it.

Well, when he came over to drop the boys off, we always try to sneak in our old Sims State school cheer, when no one's looking.

'Isha-poo is so crazy about the boys, she loves hanging out with them. It's hard to tell which one she likes the most. I kid Sabien about being his relative one day. LOL! In all seriousness, though. I CAN WAIT. I want her to stay little for as long as possible.

I have to watch her though...One minute she's playing nice, and the next minute she's trying to play dirty.

Stacy had fixed us all some grape jello for a snack, and I tell you...Marchon had some very inquisitive thoughts on Politics. That boy might take his father's place one day. Very smart kid, that Marchon.

Rashid...hmmph. He still might need a little home training.

I know his parents have taught him not to go to other people's houses and jump on their beds. But, he's still a cool kid. He just has to learn how to act right, that's all.

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