Thursday, August 16, 2007

Keith Dalton - Simday 15

31 simyears old, (08/16/07):

It infuriates me that these so-called friends of Trinity's have rushed to judge her, and now they think she's tried to murder a man that she's known since college. Trin' wouldn't hurt a flea. It's ridiculous to think she'd plot to poison someone.

Everyday she's getting more disconnected from the world around her. She didn't even get out of bed today. Yesterday, she locked herself in the bathroom, I had to use a hairpin to unlock it and use the toilet. I found her in there asleep on the floor, slumped in front of the bathtub. There's a whole legion of germs growing in the kitchen, and Trin' just goes about her day, in a zombie-like state, staring off into space. If she's not out of it like that, she's crying...and crying, all day long. I have to make her eat, but she won't eat what I fix, and she won't cook...all she does is drink a V8.

She's a mess right now...and I hate these folks for doing this to her. Tomika Cunningham, especially. She came over to the hospital to 'visit' Trinity...yeah right. She tried to tell me that they were pursuing charges because all the evidence pointed to her. "Keith, I believe everything is going to eventually be ok, because I really don't believe Trinity could do this...we just haven't found enough evidence to prove she didn't do it." She said this like she was reciting some kind of script or something. I'm no fool. They haven't put Trin' in jail yet, because they don't have enough evidence that she did do it.

I know Det. Cunningham is just doing her job, but this is the lowest I've ever felt in my life. The woman of my dreams is nuts and is going to jail.

I decided that in order for our lives to get back to normal, Trinity's got to go into the hospital. I took her there, and she stayed for a few days.

In the meantime, I opened up a store here. SimCity Furniture has been doing well in Downtown - SimCity, for several years, and Simmington Hills needed a local store, so I made it happen.

It's been very successful so far, and I'm not surprised. I've got a great staff, and I have a lot of exotic items that Simmingonians just haven't seen before.

Everyone that works at SimCity Furniture either wears a dress or a suit. We try to maintain an air of professionalism.

I make it nice for my employees to take their breaks in a comfortable area, where pizza is served everyday...they really like that.

I was in my office when I got the call that Trinity was being released from the hospital. I dashed over and took the rest of the day off, in order to tend to her.

Once Trin' got over her former roomate's death, we were able to get married. We had a few minor setbacks. I never know what Trin's gonna do least she didn't leave me at the altar. What a wonderful day it was!

So, I can almost say for sure, that life has gotten back to normal. Trinity's been cleared of all charges and we're trying to have a baby now.

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