Friday, March 23, 2007

Emerita Valdes - Simday 10

30 simyears old, (03/23/07):

You know how you might get excited over a new move because you're starting fresh? Well, not me.

My husband, Ed, decided that a move to Simmington Hills would be great for business. I had to go along with it and be strong. He's had this dream for a looong time. But, here I am with twin toddlers!! Moving?!!! It's a nightmare!

We made it through the move ok....but, this apartment is a disaster. The first few nights here, I couldn't sleep. I feel like I walked into the bowels of hell. It's so dark and gloomy looking.

I started helping Cameron write up the census information for the website. He pays me money, and it helps with the groceries and little odds and ends around the house.

He got really upset with me for fumbling up some Sim's information. It was my first night doing this, I didn't realise how important his job was.

He let me know, so we're on the same page now. It was an honest mistake, but I'm sure to be careful now.

I also joined the Hood Council as their Homemaker Representative. Making a home for my family, is my life's work. I love to take care of my kids...and now that they've grown into happy, healthy children, I'm glad to be able to eat with them at the dinner table and see them off to school.

I told Edward to be careful and not miss the most important years of our children's lives. He's so busy with the car lot, that he barely sees the children. The next afternoon, he came home early enough to watch them play catch outside.

I'd love to be able to plan a family day out, if only there was someplace around here to go. At least, I've started a Play Dates Association (PDA), I invited Rashid Cunningham, the only other kid in the neighborhood my twins' age, over to meet them and play.

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