Friday, November 9, 2007

Emerita Valdes - Simday 15

35 simyears old, (11/09/07):

(Warning: picture heavy)

It pays to be honest and patient...

Literally - it pays.

I am struggling in this journal to be honest about some things that have occurred...but, my husband says he's gonna tell it straight, and that I should too. We shouldn't be ashamed of what we go through because it might help somebody else.

So here goes: The truth and nothing but the truth.

I have hated living in Simmington Hills since we got here. There's nothing wrong with the Hills, it's fantastic..its this apartment. You all know how much I detest this apartment.

I came up with this plan to 'coerce' Ed into giving me the money to buy some new wallpaper and floors for the kitchen and livingroom. I wanted to have a Halloween party for the neighborhood. I love to meet people and make friends. My plan was in motion, but we had an unexpected visitor disrupt things.

It was earrrrrly Sunday morning. My kids never wake up this early on a Sunday. I thought it would be a little risky/dangerous to get 'friendly' in the livingroom instead of the bedroom. Instead, it was a stupid and irresponsible thing to do. What a horrible about embarrassing. And, Erline wouldn't let up! She was asking all sorts of questions. Ed acted like he didn't know what to say...

So I decided to tell my 11 year olds about the birds and the bees. It was about time and long overdue. Now, they want us to have a baby. *laughs*

I had to make sure they didn't run off and tell all the kids in the neighborhood what I told them. Some people don't want their children knowing things without having talked to them, I made them promise to keep this information to themselves. They play a lot with the Cunningham's kids...Rashid and Marchon. Playing tag and chasing each other around in the neighborhood. *smiles* Elmer and Rashid are the best of friends..sometimes I can hardly tell those two apart, they're joined at the hip!

Tomika asked me to tell Rashid that he was born here in this apartment. He doesn't remember, but this used to be his home and Erline's room used to be his nursery. That information kinda made me feel differently about living's got history, and it's really special to dear friends of mine. I can't keep dogging the place like I have.

Needless to say, I got the money I needed to pay for new walls. I can't get the floors. They're not in our budget...and our lease will be up in 6 more simdays. So, it's not worth changing them too. My new walls aren't what I dreamed of for this apartment, but they are a whole lot better than the CAVE we've been living in! (You'll see the changes I made later on in this journal...first, I must get this off my chest.)

Confession: The social worker called to say she was on her way to pick my kids up and take them away for good. Can you imagine the Homemakers Representative on the Hood Council losing her children to Social Services? I'm the one that is supposed to uphold family values and children's and elders' rights! How in the world would that look?

I was so embarassed and ashamed at the neglect we've shown towards our children. My census taking duties, and Ed's car dealership shouldn't overshadow our responsiblities as parents. There are some parents who work 2 and 3 jobs and don't have a problem taking care of their kids! I called around and found this wonderful Quickstep Tutorial by a wonderful lady named Inge, it comes with a workdesk, and you can teach your children how to do their homework correctly. The kids raised their grades one grade level (Cs ) and thankfully, the social worker never showed up.

They've been working so hard that they both have A+s now. I'm sure Ed will mention also, how grateful he is. He would've never forgiven me if we had lost our children. I would've never forgiven myself! The horror!

This is the main reason I'm rallying with Nick Michels to get a school here. I don't want anyone else to go through what we've had to go through.

I met up with Nick and Sabien in the Administration's Conference Room at the bank, to discuss the school opening up at the beginning of the 4th Period. Looks like we'll be on schedule. The contractor, GamingMom, has built us a wonderful school with all the amenities. And, we have a fine Principal coming to head the school.

Ed treated us all to whatever we wished for. I needed a getaway. Badly. He took us to Twikkii Island. Talk about gorgeous!!

We got there and bought some new clothes. I got a suntan, and the kids had fun playing on the beach. Erline took some pictures of us at the hotel, the Double Palm Resort.

I begged my pale husband to get some sun. At first he didn't want to, but he finally gave in. hee-hee!

It's too bad I didn't get many photos of him nice and tanned. Just one. But it's at night. He literally waited to tan on the last day we were there.

We took the kids to the famous shipwreck...where some dead pirate still lurks about in his cabin waiting to scare the little kids. We didn't see any ghost - thank goodness. I un-wound in a hot sauna, Edward learned how to give a stone massage, and the kids found some seashells on the was the perfect vacation!


When we got home, I had to hurry and organize my Halloween Party. Everything turned out wonderfully! The kids really had a great time. This was their first Halloween and they really loved the costumes. We managed to take some family pictures before our guests arrived.

When our neighbors arrived, the party was on! Everyone showed up in their costumes! Some of them looked quite ridiculous...I guess I can't talk. Our Raggedy Ann and Andy costumes were silly too! Here are some shots from the party:

I was surprised how festive the apartment looked, and that we could fit so many people in our livingroom. Of course, I had to pull some furniture out of there to make room, but all in all, it turned out nicer than I expected.

Here's everybody. From left to right (Sabien, Edward, Tomika, Me, Stacy, Honey, Trinity, Nick, Keith, and Cameron). Everyone dressed according to their alter egos. LOL! Sabien Cunningham, the Harley driving' rock star. Tomika, came as herself - an Officer of the Law (she says she couldn't fathom her real alter ego *wink*), Stacy and Cameron Masters dressed in the penguin outfits they fell in love in. Nick was a pimp, of course...Keith Dalton, a boxer (I found out he loves the Rocky series), Trinity dressed in a Sex In The City outfit, and Honey was Nick's ho. LOL!

Nick danced with Trinity, under the watchful eye of Honey...I thought there was gonna be trouble. (I've heard through the grapevine about those two).

But, everyone was cool and cordial. Things are still a little tense since the Asya-thing. Sergio and his wife didn't even show up 'coz Nick was coming. Those guys can't seem to mend their friendship.

Sabien and Tomika have no qualms with kissing in public. Everywhere they go, they're kissing. Tomika jokingly told me about all the making out they did at the Garris-Vanderburg Wedding at Joshua's Vineyard in Apple Valley (Flickr Wedding Photos 8-27-07).

I think it's cool...if you feel it, then show it. Don't worry about what other people think. I wish Ed and I were more like that.

The party didn't end until 3:30 a.m.! It was a Good Time! I'm so glad I did it. (Some folks had a little 'too much' of the good stuff - we had some funky gumballs to munch on...and started talking Tomika. But, it was harmless. As I said above, she's way too in love with her husband to act on a little crush, plus she's a good friend. *smiles*)


The kids were treated by their father for getting A+ on their report cards. Erline got a new bedroom. She needed one so bad. The trouble is, she won't come out of her room now. Ed and Cameron came up with an idea to scout for an interior designer to do her room. Cameron's gonna use the new idea as a feature in future publishings of the Simmington-Times.

Sabien gave her an Apple Valley Teddy Bear he got as a gift, and she just loves that thing! He is cute, isn't he?!

Days go by, and Elmer always gets off the schoolbus and runs upstairs to play his new pinball machine. He only yesterday allowed his sister to play one game. He was missing her...and that got her out of her room temporarily.

Well, there you have it. I hope you enjoyed reading my journal. Please don't judge me too harshly. There is no handbook to raising kids. You just have to do the best you can.

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