Friday, November 9, 2007

Edward Valdes - Simday 15

35 simyears old, (11/09/07):

3rd Period was the best for me and my family. Why you ask? Because the Valdes' fought back from unbelievable odds and won the fight!

The money is rolling in now. Hopefully, I won't have to take on any more bank loans...I'm debt-free now. That's right - I went ahead and paid off all my loans. I hate having huge debts over my head. I'm grateful that Rita has been patient enough not to nag me too much about re-decorating that apartment...I know how much she hates it. We worked out an arrangement on getting new walls and floors...heh-heh. I'll let her tell you what she wants about that...

I've had to concentrate on making BBV Motors successful. I had one employee suddenly quit on me, but I didn't lose faith, we hired another fantastic salesperson and kept on rolling. We received the 1st Best of the Best Award in Simmington Hills from Andrew Enriquez. I'm too excited!

And because of our hard work, SimCoca-Cola has hired me to be a spokesim for their product! They set up a vending machine at my dealership, and afforded me the opportunity to serve free cokes to all my customers for a limited time. I'll also get my picture posted on the huge billboard that sits in front of Aldi's Supermarket and Restaurant. (You can see it in this picture, on the right)

Or even better from this picture...

And, here's the raw photo they're planning on using for the advertisement. Handsome fellow, eh?


I've never mentioned how proud I am of my kids. Rita's been getting on me to spend more time with them. Gosh, they're growing so fast. And they're so playful with each other. I guess twins have a special bond. Now, I make time for them and let them know I'm interested in what they're doing. With Sandy Bruty being the manager down at the lot, I can just call in to work and check on things, when I don't want to go in.

Elmer needs his father in his life... mine left me when I was a real young boy. I take my son fishing...even if I have to at night. Rita doesn't like it...cause it's too cold outside, but if I get home late from work, it's not gonna stop me from spending time with my son.

Rita might not want me to mention this: We had a big argument over whether we should make it public or not. She is a homemaker and blames herself deeply over this. But, I feel we should be honest about our hardships and show that anyone can make it through hardships by being smart and working hard.

Confession: We almost lost the twins's totally me and Rita's fault, really. Not keeping up with their study habits like we should have. They both had Ds in school. And, they didn't know how to study efficiently. Rita's been working hard with Nick Michels on getting a school here in the Hills. It's needed so badly.

Rita took it upon herself to teach the kids how to study and spent every single day on their homework until their grades came up to A+s!

Two things about me...I applaud success. I reward success. So I came up with the idea to treat them all. I asked each of them what they wanted most. Erline said she wanted a new bedroom set. And, Elmer, said he wanted a pinball machine. Rita...she just wanted a get away. Can I tell you how great it felt to be able to give them all what they wanted? I don't think this is spoiling them too much...they have never been able to choose whatever they want, and get it.

First, we booked a wonderful vacation through WTG Travels in Simmerville based on what we wanted. Our itinerary was packed with things to do. We stayed at an affordable but lovely hotel, and spent time as a family on the beach and visited the site of the pirate shipwreck. But, I'll let Rita tell you all about the fun we've had this period. I don't want to spill all the beans.

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