Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tomika Cunningham - Simday 20

46 simyears old:

I don't have to tell you what a hard time we've been through lately. Before the hurricane, it was the talk of the town about me and Ed Valdes. There's nothing going on with me and Ed...just some harmless flirtations, it's all a joke. ( I sure wish I knew who gave the paper that photo of me and him at the car lot.) But I mess with Ed like that! Been doing that since their first Halloween Party! He's so gullible when it comes to a woman's charms. I never meant it to be hurtful or cause 'Rita to be offended. I noticed how she was staring at us at the campsite. I thought to myself, 'You don't have to stare so hard, 'Rita. I'm not trying to take your man.'

Geez, if my own husband isn't phased by it, neither should she be. She and I are alright, though. There's kind of an unspoken tension between us, but we're more than civil with each other, and she knows that I flirt with Ed in jest.

It seems like something out there -and I'm starting to believe there's a higher power outside of us controlling things - really wants us to live and succeed. Because I'm living in the most gorgeous little mansion I've ever seen! I'm really grateful to the Hood Council for honoring my husband enough to place us in the Mayor's Mansion. We went from homeless to...

The Magnolia:

It's not permanent. This home is only for Mayors. It would seem like we shouldn't feel settled here, but we do. I guess it's because we're the first family to live here. It feels like ours. Fortunately, Sabien will serve this capacity into his elder years, until another Mayor/Spokes Sim is voted in.

I love it that we don't have to pay property taxes here. We got our $12,000 escrow back and that was a nice little 'extra' surprise, so I re-decorated the boys' rooms.

It's in a high-class section of town, too. I met this socialite and we talked about fame and money. We really hit it off. And now I feel pretty accomplished. She even told me that she had a "friend of a friend" that could hook me up on my job. That next day, I got a wonderful salary boost.

If only there was a swimming pool. Rashid keeps asking for one, but I don't want to break the bank like I did last time, only to have to move. I doubt that there will ever be termite damage here, but Sabien is just now forgiving me for that splurge. $20+,000 down the drain...geez.

I've put my extra time into a garden. The greenhouse was just sitting there waiting for me to use it because I LOVE to cook now! I don't know what happened. I remember when Sabien could hardly get me to cook a meal. I cook all the time. It's probably because I haven't been pregnant for some simyears. I've got more energy now. LOL!

I even started making homemade baby food for SayJ (Sabien, Jr.), when he was a toddler. It's so much healthier. That boy would sit and wait patiently in his highchair, listening to Mommy's radio, just a singing and stomping his little feet to the beat!

He's always had a knack for 'dramatic effect'. Everything said gets a little extra effect for dramatic purposes. Hmmm, wonder who he gets that from? I'm amazed at what's gonna come out of his mouth next. He's been that way since he could talk. Trying to convince me that he didn't have to poop on the potty. That boy was scared to poop! I swear! LOL!

Now he tells me he wants to be a rapper. Oh boy...whatever he ends up doing, I know it's gonna be huge. He mopes around if he's not entertaining us in some way. He's such a ham for the camera.

It was easy to see what all my kids were into. Marchon started talking about soccer all the time. So me and Sabien encouraged him to go for it.

Rashid wouldn't let up off the computer! Always on there playing some game. I need my computer for work. I do detective work, so you know the computer is essential for me to look into personal records and things.

On his teen birthday, his Dad bought him a handheld game, and then I re-did his room in the theme of his favorite video game. All with the promise that he'll maintain good grades, of course. So far, he hasn't let us down.

We splurged a bit more on Rashid than the others, I have to admit. He's our firstborn son, but I honestly don't play favorites. A Simstation 3, a car...too much? Ahhh, well the other boys can benefit from those things, too.

Overall, we have a comfortable, easygoing relationship with our kids...maybe a little too easygoing sometimes. They kind of infringe on me and their Dad's personal space, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

One night the kids came in our bedroom. Marchon wanted to show off his ability to turn cartwheels right as we were in the middle of something wonderful, and Sabien started faking like he was talking to me about some violin...now you and I both know, Sabien don't know nothing about no violin! LOL! It was ridiculous and so OBVIOUS! I couldn't look at him for fear we'd both bust out laughing, and that would fire the kids up even more. They'd never leave.

We finally just kicked 'em out, bless their hearts, and resumed where we left off. *smiles* We haven't lost our spark, believe me. We still have maximum chemistry for each other after all these years.

I'm cherishing all these memories of having our kids here with us. Because one day they're gonna move out, and into their own lives. Geez, I don't even want to think about it.


As I mentioned earlier...I got my old job back in Law Enforcement as a Detective. They don't need me at the jail anymore. I decided to hire another Resident Cop to live there. We changed the name of it to Willow Co. Jail, and now there's room for more prisoners.

I moved Seth Guthrie out of the place, so he could have a life other than jail cells and prisoners. He's in love, and I could see how stressed he was, and it was putting a strain on he and Marissa Bendett's relationship. He's even started smoking.

I know I shouldn't gossip, but did you know he and Lydia Sagacious got into it at Kent Camp? It almost came to blows! Lydia is a goofball. I think she and Ray will be a perfect match, because he's the same way. She's always pranking somebody, you wouldn't know it by looking at her...reminds me so much of Asya.

I guess Lydia picked the wrong time to mess with Seth. I'm so glad he restrained himself. Can you imagine me arresting my own Resident Cop for public fighting and jailing him in his own jail? That would've been frontpage news. But, everybody was stressed...I'm so glad that experience is over.

I was also surprised when Sabien told me that Seth opted to give up his Barbershop; that was his only other income...?? He still works at the jail though, just not full-time. Shoot, this is all his business. But, I've come to really like and respect Seth. I hope he can get it together.


Well, I guess I've written enough. I'm always so long-winded. I don't want to end this journal without thanking all the fans who read the site.

*I need to go make some of my Nana's comfort soup for Ray. Talking about him reminded me...his father and aunt recently passed away.*

The Cunningham Family, Simday 20

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